Jenna Deedy

USA Aspiring marine mammal trainer who loves all animals and a Rivier Univeristy Graduate who holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Support my work at

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Dear Parents, Don’t Let Your Kids Play With the Sea Lions on the Beach!
6 months ago
A California woman was recently visiting Point La Jolla Beach just right outside of San Diego, California when she saw a disturbing site: A group of families visiting the state harassing a colony of C...
Five Things to Know About Great White Sharks
6 months ago
One of the most celebrated species of shark in the world, the great white shark (Carchardon carcharias) is regarded as the largest species of predatory shark on Earth. A healthy adult shark can grow u...
Freeing Lolita the Killer Whale Is Not an Option
7 months ago
Lolita is a Southern Resident killer whale who was believed to have been born in 1966 to the Southern Resident orca population. She was collected on August 8, 1970 off the coast of Penn Cove, Washingt...
Sanctuaries and Cetacean "Bans"
7 months ago
Recently, an animal rights group known as the "Whale Sanctuary Project" revealed its desire to develop a marine mammal "sanctuary" that would house cetaceans that have spent most of their lives in hum...