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USA Aspiring marine mammal trainer who loves all animals and a Rivier Univeristy Graduate who holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Support my work at

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Ocean Ramsey and the Endangerment of Pregnant Sharks
2 days ago
On January 15th, 2018, Ocean Ramsey, a scuba shop keeper, model, shark conservation activist, and self-proclaimed marine biologist had a close encounter with a pregnant great white shark off the coast...
Morgan's Calf Has Been Named: Her Name Is Ula
8 days ago
A killer whale calf who was born at Loro Parque last September has finally been named. According to the Spanish newspaper "El Dia," Morgan's four-month-old daughter was named "Ula," which means "Jewel...
New Calf Born to L-Pod
9 days ago
During a routine survey done on the endangered Southern Resident orca community on Friday, a newborn calf was spotted alongside its mother and family, which made it become the first calf to have been ...
Dolphins Like TV?
18 days ago
Dolphins are known to one of the very few animal species that demonstrate behavioral traits that resemble that of humans. These include establishing complex relationships with other animals, accomplis...
Update on Morgan's Calf: How Is She Doing?
21 days ago
On September 22, 2018, Morgan, a 10-year-old rescued killer whale at Loro Parque, gave birth to a healthy female calf. Although Morgan proved to be a good mother and had exhibited signs of bonding wit...
How Utah’s Clever Fish Conservation Efforts Might Save Southern Resident Orcas in Washington State
a month ago
Last Tuesday, Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources posted a short video on its Twitter page that depicts conservationists raining dozens of tiny fish from the underbelly of an aircraft into one of the state's high-mountain lakes. The conservationists say that the fish, which usually measure around one to three inches long, tend to survive the fall around 95 percent of the time. In fact, the fish are deliberately released around that small size to ensure that the animals would survive the fall, ...