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USA Aspiring marine mammal trainer who loves all animals and a Rivier Univeristy Graduate who holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Support my work at

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Activists Target Florida with New Orca Breeding Ban
6 months ago
A group of radical animal rights extremists under the Animal League Defense Fund, via Representative Jared Moskowitz, have managed to get an amendment that would ban Florida-based zoos and aquariums f...
Pollution Could Kill Half of the World’s Wild Orca Populations
6 months ago
Around the world, many wild orca populations are affected by pollution caused by man-made toxins. These toxins are made of various chemicals that often are used on land for different purposes, only to...
Two More Southern Resident Orcas Are Ailing—and Three Are Pregnant
6 months ago
According to researchers who are focused on the Southern Resident orca population, two more whales are falling ill as a result of the lack of salmon they depend on for their survival. The first animal...
Morgan, a Rescued Killer Whale Gives Birth at Loro Parque
6 months ago
Morgan, an 11-year-old killer whale who resides at Loro Parque has kicked off the first day of fall by giving birth to her first calf yesterday morning (Spain's local time). According to her trainers ...
Will an Agreement to Save Wild Salmon Be Enough to Save Wild Orcas?
6 months ago
In some of my previous articles, I have discussed the plight of the Southern Resident orca community and how the loss of their major food source, the Chinook salmon, is linked to their potential extin...
Obituary: J50, Also Known as Scarlet
6 months ago
J50, also known as Scarlet, is now believed to have died from an illness relating to malnutrition after researchers off the coast of Washington state were unable to find her among a super pod gatherin...