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Erika P6 hours ago
A Taste of a Dog Trainer's Life
I've been a dog trainer for over two years now—part of a corporate company—and despite stepping down and going on another career path, becoming one was the best decision I made. I've met some incredib...
Michy Morales9 hours ago
Deep Sea Creatures from Hell
As many of you know the oceans cover 70% of our planet, but most do not realize that we have only discovered about 5% of that. There are many dark and dangerous things left to explore and discover. As...
Vanessa Solorzano12 hours ago
The Domestication of Dogs
Imagine you are out on a camping trip. You’re in your tent getting settled in for the night. Suddenly you hear a rustling sound from outside. You decide to check it out, so you grab your flashlight an...
All About Bunnies
Believe it or not, rabbits are the most common household pet. Okay, don't believe that, it's a lie. However, rabbits are becoming increasingly more popular as pets. There are currently just under 50 r...
Rich Monettia day ago
Somers High School Teacher Answers the Call with New Book
Giving sounds good. We all do it to a degree. But going beyond lip service requires reaching a breaking point that allows one to reap life's true rewards, according Somers High School health teacher, ...
Karl Twigga day ago
The Misunderstandings of Staffordshire Bull Terriers
So many people who hear the word “Staffordshire bull terrier” instantly think that these dogs are dangerous, unruly, and cannot be controlled... This could not be any further from the truth! As a staf...
Beth Lewisa day ago
Things To Do When Your Pet Goes Missing
Thousands of pets go missing daily. Here are some tips on what to do in case your beloved pet goes missing.
The Truth Behind Dog Breeding
Have you ever seen one of those sad puppy commercials on television with the hungry dogs in the animal shelters? Whenever I see one of these commercials I feel a sudden urge to grab my dog and hug him...
Alan Russell2 days ago
Omar's Diary for Saturday 20th Jan 2018
My own Servants were finally able to spend more time around home this Saturday than they have been able to do so since May 2017. Up until last weekend they were fully committed for every weekend and b...