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Rosanna Teale3 hours ago
The View from the Dog House Pt 11
I have commandeered this post, which means my brother Scamp, known to me sometimes as the Squirt, will probably follow suit with the next one. Where Pickle leads Scamp invariably follows. I like to th...
Dressage, Cross Country and Jumping, Oh My!
There once was a girl named Sydney Whose sister was the size of a pygmy. But Sydney was tall And liked to jump over walls. But only while riding a horse, Of course. -----------------------------------...
Jessie White4 days ago
Backyard Chickens (Pt. 3)
The chicks arrival and the time since they got here has been a bit hectic. My daughter went from excited protector to a distracted child. It happens. Then she shifted again to mother hen and now back ...
Rosanna Teale4 days ago
The View from the Dog House Pt 10
Another agent rejected her novel this morning, which is obviously disappointing. However, it was a very encouraging message telling her not to give up as it is, after all, a very subjective industry. ...
Davie Winters5 days ago
Beware of Dogs
Whether they are playful pets or fierce warriors, dogs have never left man's side. Since the beginning of civilization, dogs have always been trustworthy and loyal companions of mankind. With their ki...
Jessie White6 days ago
Backyard Chickens (Pt. 2)
So, we've got chickens coming. (Well, now they're here, but I'm writing this a bit late.) The biggest job when you're waiting on your chicks is to prepare for them. There are a number of things to be ...
Sammi Curran6 days ago
Learning to Race in the Rain
I didn’t know if I was ready to review The Art of Racing in the Rain. I read the book a few years back, and it became one of my favorites. Truly, Garth Stein’s novel of the same name is one of the bes...
Rosanna Teale8 days ago
The View from the Dog House Pt 8
Apparently we are not having a holiday this year. That said, there are holidays and holidays. We used to go away for weekends on a regular basis and had some full weeks away as well. We used to go to ...
Mia Morales10 days ago
Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Secure
Anyone who has a fur baby knows how important it is to keep our little pets healthy and secure. When we are gone for the day, it may weigh on us the risk our pets are exposed to us. At any time, they ...