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Tiffany Michael17 hours ago
1 Rabbit, 2 Rabbit, 3 Rabbit... 6?!?
So one day my boyfriend goes to a pet store with a friend. He calls me and says I really want to get this bunny, it’s so sweet, and texts me a picture. After we both fall for this adorable fur ball, h...
Evelien DMa day ago
Animal Social Media Accounts that Are Worth Checking Out
This is a list of Twitter/YouTube accounts with cute animals because why not?
Hannah Johnson2 days ago
5 of My Favorite Dog Breeds
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work with animals in one way or another. Currently, I am a senior pre-veterinary student at the University of Connecticut, so clearly the medicine aspec...
Rachel Ashman3 days ago
Cat Café? What Is That?
Do you love coffee? Do you love cats? What about drinking your coffee while petting a cat? If that sounds interesting, then a cat café may be for you. Cat cafés are exactly what they sound like, a pla...
Alan Russell3 days ago
Bryn's Big Day Out
In the process of training any horse for any discipline be it racing, eventing, show jumping or as in our case dressage there comes a point where the single most critical decision about the horse’s fu...
Humane Society
I one hundred percent want you to save an animal's life, and by no means want you to stop going to humane societies to find a new family friend. Their background checks are fairly good and you can be ...
koral hamilton3 days ago
The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a sub-type of American bulldog created in the 1980s by a woman from Rebecca Georgia named Lana Lou Lane. There are many different stories of the breed's origin that r...
Angel Mann4 days ago
Everything You Need to Have a Birthday Party for a Cat
So, it is almost your cat’s birthday! You should have a party. Yes, a cat birthday party! I don’t mean a cat-themed party for humans. I mean a birthday party where everything is meant for cats. In thi...
Hanna Lund4 days ago
The World's Most Endangered Mammals
There is one island off the coast of Africa that has been adapting and evolving on its own time. There are several different species of primates on the island, there are several species of lemurs, lor...