Rebecca White

History student at the University of Aberdeen, 4th year. Working two jobs, while trying to juggle two jobs, exercising and competing an exracehorse, raising a huskyxspocker, and having a uni social life. Yep, great idea.

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The Rewards of Teaching
10 months ago
Rewards of Teaching This time last year, the vet recommended that, to help with the pony’s EMS, exercise would be a great idea. While that was great in theory, in practice not so much. The pony, havin...
'So, You Own an Ex-Racehorse?'
a year ago
When owning an ex-racehorse, you put up with a lot—and it's not all to do with the horse. A lot of the time, it comes from people that cannot understand why anyone would decide to buy an ex-racer and ...