Michelle Frank

I'm a mom of 6, grandma to 2 and a wife of 16 yrs and counting. I have been to hell and back several times and have survived it each time thanks in large part to my husband. When I write, I do so from the heart and from personal experience.

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The Dog That Thinks She's Human
5 months ago
This is Little Miss. The dog that thinks she's human... or a cat. She just turned seven years old and this is where she sleeps most of the time. We made Little Miss a member of the family when she was...
New Housemates
7 months ago
When my husband and I moved into our house in September, we had three dogs and that was it. We haven't owned any cats in something like ten years or more. It's not that we have anything against cats, ...
The Dreaming Dog
7 months ago
Meet Little Miss. She is a six and a half year year old Black Lab/Blue Heeler mix. She is a sweet dog, full of love and devotion. And the energy that vibrates through her body when she is happy, it's ...
7 months ago
Let me introduce you to the animals in this photo. The bird is Lucy, our Senegal Parrot. The black and white pup is Little Miss, a Black Lab/Blue Heeler mix. The tan pup is the headliner, Casanova. We...