Jessye Gould

I'm an aspiring writer. I'm working on a few novels at the moment, and filling my portfolio with other pieces. 

I'm married, with two cats (see my "adoption story" pieces).

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Raising a Stray
7 days ago
When we brought Arno home, we knew that he was going to probably have some problems related to being abandoned and having to fend for himself for the first few weeks of his life. He didn't have anyone...
Another Adoption!
a month ago
Well, since at least some of you have been reading the story about our adoption journey with our little boy, Arno, I felt it fitting to share the journey of adopting his sister. My husband and I have ...
An Adoption Journey
a month ago
When my husband and I got married, we had talked about getting a kitten, but hadn't really given much thought to actually adopting a cat. We had visited a humane society many times, seen cats and kitt...