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BLUEISLAND Dog Training Collar

Best Money I've Ever Spent on Amazon

So, anyone who has read my pet posts will know that I have a bit of an interesting pet. Roxy is a rescue dog, and, like most rescue dogs, she has a unique personality that has taken a while to get used to and figure out. 

I've had Roxy for over two years now, and she is a wonderful German Shepherd. She is great with the kids. She is great with the neighbors. And she is even figuring out how to be less of a bully to other pets. 

This journey has been a long one, and, as we get out and adventure more, I wanted to be able to work more with Roxy on obedience. I wanted to be able to have her off-leash with us and not worry about her running away (she has a high prey drive). 

So, I began looking for solutions to my dilemma. And that was when a friend suggested a training collar for her. 

Roxy has never been very treat-oriented and we tried clicker training, but she is scared of the noise the clicker makes, so that didn't work very well. All that considered, I was more than willing to look into using a training collar. 

Thus began my adventure on Amazon trying to find the one that would work best and cost least. After trying various other methods of training I wasn't about to dump a ton of money into a training collar only to have it not work. So I picked the one that had the most options and the lowest price.

BLUEISLAND training collar won the search coming in at $33.99 CAD. The collar had everything I could want. It came with three different features: beep, buzz, and zap. It came with the ability to set levels 1–100 for the buzz and zap option. It had a working distance of 1000 feet. It was waterproof. And it came with a rechargeable battery. It seemed perfect.

Image of Product

So, the real test was to try it out with Roxy and see if she thought it was just as perfect. This was the hard part. 

At first, when we put the collar on her she reacted very poorly to it. She thought it was a punishment and would cling to our sides and mope around the house any time it was on. But after a week or two, she got used to its presence and was OK with wearing it. 

We realized very quickly that the beep function wouldn't work for us. Roxy is terrified of beeping noises, so it didn't have the desired effect when trying to deter bad behavior. All it did was make her scared. 

So, we tried the buzz option, which works well at deterring barking and lunging at other dogs as well as pulling while walking. But once that prey drive kicks in, there is no hope for the buzz option.

The zap option came to the rescue for that one. The only times we've had to resort to using it is when she goes after another dog or runs off after a squirrel. These are rare occasions. 

So, ultimately, the buzz option is our happy place for training. Now Roxy is doing great off leash. We can take her to the dog beach now and not worry. We can have her off-leash around other people and pets and not worry. It is just a matter of being vigilant and using the collar appropriately. 

Training collars aren't for every dog, and they aren't for every owner. I encourage you to do your research and look into what options work best for you and your pet. I am more than pleased with my BLUEISLAND collar. I hope everyone else can find one that works for them. 

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BLUEISLAND Dog Training Collar
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