Samantha Reid

I have been a creative writer for over 10 years, an academic for 7 years, and a blogger for 3 years. Writing is my passion and it's what I love.

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BLUEISLAND Dog Training Collar
9 months ago
So, anyone who has read my pet posts will know that I have a bit of an interesting pet. Roxy is a rescue dog, and, like most rescue dogs, she has a unique personality that has taken a while to get use...
A Pet Owner's Journey (Pt. 16)
a year ago
There is never a dull moment when you own a dog. They are a constant surprise. Their personalities change over time. Their actions will sometimes never make sense to you. They are endless entertainmen...
A Pet Owner's Journey (Pt. 15)
a year ago
There is no one happier in the world to see you come home than your dog. You could have been gone an hour or a month and they will always greet you with their tails wagging. They are always excited to...
A Pet Owner's Journey (Pt. 14)
a year ago
Dogs are "man's" best friend. They are a companion. They are meant to love you, be loyal to you, and be by your side. But any pet owner will know that dogs aren't actually always by your side. They ar...
A Pet Owner's Journey (Pt. 13)
a year ago
If you've ever owned a pet you know that they are a bit of a mystery. It's hard to get inside of their heads and figure out what is really going on. We can look for subtle hints and signs, but sometim...
A Pet Owner's Journey (P.12)
a year ago
As I said in my last entry, Roxy is rather smitten with my partner. She has taken to him almost to the point of ignoring me completely. I have almost been replaced, but the key word there is "almost."...