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Best Litter I've Ever Used

I don't use anything else anymore.

When my husband and I brought home our first baby, we used the cheapest litter we could find at the dollar store. As a kitten, Arno didn't mind it because it was litter, and he was being litter trained. But as he got a little older, I noticed he didn't seem that impressed with the litter that we were using. My husband and I went into Walmart and looked around at the other litter options, and had wanted to try a natural, non-clay litter. When we picked up the first bag, I wasn't sure how it would work. I had never used a natural litter, so I was skeptical. But when we changed out the old litter for the new, we found that Arno seemed to like it so much better. And he's not the only one.

Not only is it a more natural litter, but it lets off marginally less dust when poured. There is still a fair amount of dust, but no more than clay litter. I have asthma, so dust is a concern for us, and Arno seemed to have a problem with dust and allergies. His sneezing improved by a large margin after we switched out litters. 

Another thing that I love about the litter is the fragrance. It's not naturally scented, so if you're worried about that, it's not the litter for you. But the fragrance doesn't bother me. My husband and I dump a little bit of litter deodorizer to boost the staying power of the litter. It smells good, but doesn't last long. The deodorizer prolongs the scent for a few extra weeks. At $8 a bag, it's a little pricey, but for the money, it's an effective litter.

As a natural material, corn fibers are much better for litter than clay. With clay litter, it clumps well, but it all sticks to the sides and bottom of the litter pan. With this litter, when you do a full change out for fresh litter, the litter literally slides out. And what doesn't comes out with a small amount of prodding. I've never had much stick to the litter box, and it only takes one small scrape to get it out. I've been consistently impressed with how little this litter sticks. 

And even better, this is a good litter for more than one cat. I have two cats, and it holds up to both of them. With the litter deodorizer at work, you can hardly tell that even one cat is using it, let alone two. It's a little weird to scoop, because unlike clay litters, it doesn't sift too easily through the litter scoop, but it's definitely effective. 

The few downsides are that when the litter is used for a few weeks, the other litter tends to change to a darker color from being in the litter box with the dirty litter for even a few days. It's definitely better to scoop the litter every few days, but you could push it to once a week if you prefer. After a week or two, I usually like to do a full change out of the litter, and put in more deodorizer, but after testing how long the litter can go without being changed, I got to about three weeks of scooping once a week before I had to put more deodorizer in. I don't like putting a whole lot in at once preferring to just change out the litter. It's better for the cats that way.

At about $16 a month for two bags of litter to do a full change every two weeks (our schedule) it's relatively cost effective. Other litters can be cheaper, but I don't like to think about cost when it comes to taking care of my kitties. All around, it's a good product, and I recommend it to people with dust allergies, or people who are looking for something different than clay litter.  

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Best Litter I've Ever Used
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