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Ziggy Dew Equals Love: Part 2

Love Is Patient

Ziggy patiently waiting for Peter to get down off that table so he can chase him!

After getting the chance to talk to my future love that one last time after bringing Ziggy home before the long three years of not talking at all, my little furry Ziggy bunny man was the being that brought me the most love and happiness. As you all know, when he first came home with me, he got to meet the throne and live in a giant box, but you will be happy to know I did order him a cage with all the fixings such as a fancy water bottle, which I still have to this day, a litter tray, shavings for bedding, and food and hay for snacking on. Oh, and I cannot forget his stuffed lion. That’s right, I bought him a stuffed lion so he wouldn't get lonely, and let me tell you, he licked that thing to pieces and snuggled with it often. He treated it like it was his own dang pet. It was hilarious.

Ziggy Dew wasn’t just an ordinary rabbit. Once I got his cage set up I left his door open so he could come in and out as he pleased. He was litter box trained just like my cats Peter and Dora. The cats weren't overly thrilled about the fact that they had to share a box with that foolish rabbit, but that's because anytime he saw kitty from his cage he would do this super hop out of his cage and chase those kitties. His favorite to chase was Peter, a yellow tabby cat. Poor Peter would do everything to get away from Ziggy Man, but Ziggy Man would hop on the sofa if Peter did, into the tub if kitty did, and do whatever kitty would do. If I were Peter, I would have run as fast and as far away as I could too. One of Ziggy's favorite things to do was jump on top of the cat and lick his head to death. The rabbit was a pure oddball.

With that said, my favorite thing to watch was those two chase one another around it was pure entertainment. The funniest moment is when I came around the corner from the living room into the kitchen and found the two eating from the box of cheerios that Peter Bread had knocked onto the floor. Peter had a thing for cheerios because his past owner who had him would never feed him so Peter’s thing was to get into the cereal boxes.

When I adopted him, Peter still had food issues. You could always tell that he was afraid that no one would feed him because he would still always get up on the counter in the kitchen an knock the cereal boxes from the shelf and help himself to a snack, or whatever it was available to him. Maybe I should have considered naming him Garfield, but instead, I gave him the nickname of Peter Bread. He really did start getting big and looking like a loaf of bread with all that he ate. In a way, it was a good thing he had Ziggy Dew chasing him or he probably would have ended up looking like a meatloaf instead.

Along with kitty-chasing, Ziggy also loved hopping around outside on his leash through my herb garden. His favorite thing to snack on was my parsley and loose leaf lettuce. Thank goodness both grow back fast because Ziggy Man mowed that garden box down faster than dandelions grow. Dandelions he demolished as well. Those were one of his favorite snacks. He only loved eating the heads of them though. Most rabbits would eat the entire dandelion itself, but not he. He was particular, but who's to blame him? I was particular myself too and liked what I liked. They say pets mimic their owners and sure enough, he did.

Ziggy and Dewy Melon Kiss

In fact, his fate was planned out for him, too. Soon after I got him, he met his furry lover Dewy Melon. I adopted Dewy Melon about a year later after getting Ziggy Dew. The two furry buns hit it off and spent a lot of time hanging out at each other's cages thumping at each other and giving one another kisses. I was a bit jealous of the two because all I kept thinking when I saw those two kiss was, “Man, I wish the man I adored so much for just being him was here right now.”

But with that said, those two buns taught me a couple lesson in love. The first lesson was this: “All good and lasting things and relationships in life come in good time when it is perfectly meant.” And the second lesson: “Everything you wait for in life you end up treasuring with every part of your being simply because you waited so long for it.”

I will definitely say my future love is so totally worth the wait, and I would do it all over again. You wouldn’t, however, catch me saying that during the wait. I am a very impatient person and was a make-it-happen-now kind of girl. I think the big guy upstairs was also teaching me a lesson as well, and that was, “Love is patient.” And I will say this, my love is definitely one of great patience. Sometimes so patient it makes me crazy, but in a good way.

Alright, my peeps, thanks for reading Ziggy Dew Equals Love Part 2. We will continue on with this story in a short while. Have a beautiful afternoon and don't forget that unconditional love is patient. 

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EM Goodness
EM Goodness

This lovely lady has been freelancing for almost a decade. She loves sharing what she knows with others because she feels any kind of sweet knowledge she has learned through personal experiences can help others. 

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Ziggy Dew Equals Love: Part 2
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