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Wolf Run at Wallace Ranch and Sanctuary

Our California life!!

The pond we built for the wild horses and wildlife!

A typical day here at the ranch is filled with a calm country setting and our beautiful rescues. Our life has taken a path into the old ways of life. We live off the grid on 280 acres of beautiful mountains, tucked nicely in a valley between volcanic lava tubes and amazing mountains that fill us with peace and joy every time we walk outside. There’s lots of old-fashioned hard work building our house and creating a beautiful environment for ourselves and our animals; they are our family. We rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes. We were given a second chance at life, so in return, we give our rescues a second chance too! Everyday is filled with new tasks and adventures that leave us with memories to share with our children. We are BLESSED! 

This is a classy, sleek, luxury ride. Our rescues love riding in the limo to go to the veterinarian. Our customers also are offered an exotic luxury ride with a wolf hybrid on board!!

Klamath Falls, Mount Shasta, Medford, Redding, Reno, Grants Pass, Salem, Roseburg, Bend, Sacramento, San Francisco, and more!!! We will take you anywhere you desire to go for a reasonable price!! All prices are negotiable, and there’s a special price for every occasion or event!!! 

While running our rescue and the Limo Service, we have discovered that people love the fact they can have a wolf hybrid in the cabin of a limousine with them!! Exotic luxury ride with a twist!!!

Eddie is conjuring the spirits! Hee hee, nope, just talking with his hands!! You gotta think big when you live off the grid!!

Oh Eddie, you are such a unique person with an unforgettable personality!!

Conjuring the great spirit to bring us prosperity and opportunity! Ha ha! Actually Eddie was just talking with his hands hee hee!

Family candids, memories, and love all around! There is nothing better than making memories with family!

Even flowers grow here in the high desert! They are all over our mountains and fill the countryside with color and a fragrance that will stick in your memory forever. It’s truly beautiful!!

Inga, our protector and our beautiful girl! She is the most amazing girl, we would truly be lost without her!!

Lookin all dirty after rolling in horse poop! Ewww Inga Dinga!!

Many rescues come and go here, but none are ever forgotten! We have re-homed many rescues, rehabilitated them, loved them, and gotten them ready for their second chance at life!! We wouldn’t have it any other way!! Living off the grid brings challenges every day. Some days we are doing carpentry in our home, other days we are gardening, and other days we are repairing fences. It’s an adventure, that’s for sure!!

Axel Zander, one heck of a kid! He’s gonna move mountains!!

One year old and growing so fast !

This boy and his brother bring us so much joy. They are kind and sweet boys who are very eager to please, a beautiful quality! They are really good kids and have so much life ahead of them, and we are so excited to watch them grow!!

This is Little Little!!! She was thrown from a moving vehicle in downtown Sacramento. Now, she lives a happy, full life here on the ranch. She plays with the big dogs and is fearless!!

A rescue that’s touched my heart, she stays with me everywhere I go she goes, my Little Little!!

Our rescues have brought us joy. They have brought us to tears. They come and go, but are always in our hearts!!

Our rescue is unconventional. For most, it is more than a home and more than a rescue. It’s a life that we have built together from the ground up! A piece at a time, one by one, we have made this place a special and safe place, for not only ourselves, but for our children, grandchildren, and rescues alike!

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Wolf Run at Wallace Ranch and Sanctuary
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