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Why I Needed a Training Collar

For My Dog :)

We got Jax, a lab mix, from a family who had too many dogs to be able to care for him properly. He would become our first pet we have had in a few years, since our last dog passed away. He instantly became a part of the family and I worked with him daily on commands. He knew the "come" command, but as a puppy, it was only when he wanted to know it. I had been researching training collars online, then the day came that I KNEW I had to get one. My daughters were crossing the road to get on the bus and he ran after them. I had to chase after him and was yelling like a mad lady, which probably was a hilarious sight to the people watching in their vehicles that were stopped for the bus. I came right in to the computer and ordered this training collar. I ordered it because of the good price, the three different modes, it was weather-resistant, and had a 1000 foot range. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning and then it finally came. It was easy to set up and I put it on him. I was instantly impressed. He learned very quickly what it meant when it beeped or vibrated. 

It has made my life SO much easier and so much easier for Jax as well. It has a beep mode, vibration mode, and a shock mode (only to be used if ABSOLUTELY NECCESARY). I have only had to use the shock mode maybe twice because he was chasing the bus or in the neighbor's yard digging and would not listen to my commands. I have also only used it on a setting of 1 for the shock and it goes up to 100. Now all I have to do is beep or vibrate it and he instantly stops whatever he is doing and comes to me. I highly recommend this for any dog that needs a little extra training with commands. 

Jax doesn't always wear it, but if we are going somewhere or he starts to act up, I put it on him. They do recommend to only let your dog wear it for 12 hours at a time and to move it around the neck every hour or so. It has rubber covers to put over the metal probes as not to hurt the dog with the metal directly against the skin. It also comes with a leather collar for bigger dogs, or a nylon collar for smaller dogs. I want to stress again — DO NOT USE THE SHOCK MODE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! If you do need to use it, PLEASE only use it on 1! 

This is a must-have training collar, if you are having trouble with a dog learning commands or just not wanting to listen when he already knows the commands. It is a great investment for a better quality of life for you and your dog. You will be less stressed when trying to keep the dog under control and your dog will be less stressed too because you won’t be having to discipline him as often. It seriously has made a world of difference and I know it would for you as well!

Here's the link to the collar.

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Why I Needed a Training Collar
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