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What the Shorkie!?

Are they a great breed to have at home?

Shorkie breeds

Are shorkies a good breed to have? Yes. Absolutely. Shorkies are family-oriented and loyal to their families. They have excellent memory and very intelligent mindsets. They are very easy to train and I have determined that they listen to you speaking and listen out for key words they are familiar with and then associate them with something they would love to do. They really listen. My shorkie wakes up every morning to help me wake the kids for school and she gives them all the goodbye kisses they don’t ask for. All smiles. They are just lovable. If you are not into barking dogs, then this breed wouldn’t be for you because, as I mentioned, they are loyal to family and their territory, and if anyone knocks on your door or they hear an unfamiliar tone in someone’s voice, that will ring the alarm. But they also listen, so just as quickly as they begin to bark and you ask them to stop, they will obey, but still have alarming suspicion about the stranger. I would say that shorkies are very attentive, and if they aren’t watching, they are always listening to sounds and even respond to family members who have high stress levels in their voices. This is really true. If you were to argue with your sibling, your shorkie will get in between you both and commence to barking at you as if they are telling you to get your behinds back and make up. I love it. 

As an owner of a shorkie, I have to say I am impressed by their behavior and believe they could be service dogs of some sort. If you ever had a headache or pain somewhere on your body, they would go directly to that area and begin to soothe it and/or you by either laying on the affected area or licking and/or kissing your boo boo. Most say that when their pet doggy kisses their boo boo, it tends to heal faster than it would if it were just cleaned and left to heal. I would say, scientifically, that it is something in the saliva that assists in the healing of wounds. They are very gentle when it comes to playing with kids. They aren’t vicious and won’t bite to hurt, only playfully. When they want your attention, which is all the time, they will figure out their own little way to express this to you. They love belly rubs and affection from every and anyone in the family.

Now let’s talk about how attentive they are. They may choose one favorite person out of the bunch and they then will become one's shadow. If you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, they will know and get up immediately with you and travel to the restroom alongside you. Loyalty is everything to this breed. When you speak to them, they listen up very hard. They love being outdoors and they love breezy days. Most of the time my Dhalia (my shorkies name) will let me know she wants to go outside just for a race around the mulberry bush. Most of the time she has to use the restroom, but other times, she just wants to run around in the breeze and enjoy life outdoors. Everyone struggles with passengers riding in the car with them on long trips because they fall asleep too soon, but your shorkie would be perfect for the job. They love to watch their surroundings while riding and sticking their face out the window to feel the wind on their hair. Sound familiar? They are the ultimate car buddy. Amazing breed.

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What the Shorkie!?
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