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What It's like Living with 8 Dogs

This doesn't even include my mom's 5 cats and my grandma's dog.

Me and my dogs

We have 8 dogs because we got to attached and didn't have the heart to give them away. They are 8 years old and some are 6 years old. Living with 8 dogs is hard. Their messy, loud, and a responsibility.

The Mess

At first we didn't think we were going to keep these dogs so we didn't train them. We also don't know  how to train them and we didn't want to pay someone. They know when we open the door to our small yard that they go to use the restroom outside, but some of them want to be sneaky and pee in the living room when we are not looking. The 2 boys that we have cannot be alone in the room. If their alone in the room for even 2 minutes, they will pee on the pillows. The boys aren't the only problems. The girl dogs get periods. Which their blood stains everything and we don't like to keep them outside so we put a blanket anywhere they sit or sleep so they don't stain anything else. When they were younger, we bought these new couches and the dogs would rip them when we weren't there so we have to cover them with a brown sheet. You can see the sheets in the main picture.

The Food

We have to buy them the 50 pounds dry dog food bags at least 1-2 times a month. There are only 2 bowls they can eat out of and they always fight for who wants the food. 1 dog will want to eat out of the same bowl another dog is eating out of even though there is another bowl right next to them. Some dogs eat in the middle of the night and their chewing so loud that it wakes us up. When they were younger we use to feed them human food and now every time we eat, the dogs surround us begging to give them food. There is never a time you can eat your meal in peace.

The Hair

Oh my god the hair. It's everywhere. It's on the floor, your clothes and sometimes even your food. It will even be in my nightmares by how much dog hair there is floating around the house. It hard to make food without worrying if dog hair got in there. We have to clean the floor every single day because of the amount of dog hair these dogs shed. Sometimes people don't like coming over because they don't want to get dog hair all over their clothes. The mess I can handle. Just not the hair.

They're so nosy.

Left to right: Gorda, Princess, Tiger, Dumbo, Peque, Jamie, Grace, and Luna

They like to bark at everything and everyone. Another dog, a bird, the gate opening, any noise. It is so annoying. My grandma's dog likes to come visit my dogs and my dogs do not like him. He comes to visit because he has a crush on my dog Tiger. Every time he comes, my dogs bark and bark and they don't shut up. If one dog barks, then they all bark too. This is the most annoying when you are trying to sleep. When they hear my from gate open, then all run outside to see who it is.

We can't leave them alone.

Anytime we leave them alone they will howl so what we do is that someone is always taking care of them anytime they can. I have missed vacations, parties, and other events because I had to take care of my dogs. We don't want to leave them alone because we don't want someone calling the police on us and taking away our dogs. Another reason why we don't want to leave them alone is because they will make a mess and pee the furniture which is exhausting once you come home tired from an event.

Hard To Sleep

We love our dogs so much that we don't leave them outside to sleep and we don't buy them a dog ed because they will just rip it up. So they sleep with us on the bed. In my family we only have 1 bed. I sleep with my mom on a queen size bed and my dad sleeps in the living room. The dogs sleep with us every night and they take up the whole bed. They're in the middle, their on the pillows, inside the blanket, and even right next to me. It's impossible to sleep in a place you want without pushing a dog out-of-the-way. Even when we wake up and make the bed, it is guaranteed that one of them will mess it up.

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What It's like Living with 8 Dogs
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