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What Is It Like to Own a Boxer?

Tips to Owning the Most Human Dog You’ll Ever Have

My dog Bodie (2 years old) 

Let’s face it, most of the world’s population owns a dog or two; big, small, athletes, or even couch potatoes. However long you’ve had these furry friends, and however much you think you know about them, nothing, and I do mean nothing, can ever prepare you to own... *DUN DUNN DUNNN* a BOXER! The dreaded smooshy face, mile long drool, and wiggles when you come back into their sight after five seconds is enough to scare anyone away. Yet, despite these fearful creatures, they will be the best dog you will ever own, and also your best friend. However, along with being your best buddy, they also come with a few “always” to ensure their happiness.  Here are five “always" to help you survive these boxing beasts: 

1. Always give love.

Boxers are one of the most affectionate dogs out there. They will do just about anything they can to get back the love they give you. Trust me, if you don’t give it back, they will not leave you alone. My dog, Bodie, will literally climb on you in your chair and bark until you show him the slightest attention. I ignored him, and boy did he show me that was a bad idea. So if your buddy decides to jump on you and lick your face, a few pats on the head and a hug or two won’t hurt. They demand attention, and will make your life easier if they get it.  

2. Always take them places.

Okay, most dogs want to go for rides in cars, but if you just wanted to go out to the backyard, you can bet your bottom dollar your Boxer buddy will be next to your hip the entire time. Due to the extra affection Boxers possess for their owners, they never want to apart from them, just like a baby and a mother. In fact, majority of dog lovers consider Boxers the babies of the canine world. So even if you’re headed down the road for some gas or food, try taking your best buddy along; they like being shown off. 

3. Always have toys!

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but toys are definitely a Boxer’s best friend. Your Boxers will go through a thousand toys until they find that “one” toy that fills that void. My dog went through a variety of toys, from ones that squeaked, to ropes, to Kongs, and many other expensive toys until he fell in love with a $3 squeaky binky from Walmart. As frustrating as it is to buy a $15 rubber “indestructible” ball only to have it chewed up in three hours, do not give up, there’s plenty of toys in the sea. 

4. Always have the right friend.

(Left) Hobie, 12. Passed away June 2018. Bodie & Hobie were best friends

So... you’ve managed to come this far, but sometimes toys won’t cut it as dog’s best friend. Sometimes, they need another friend, and the best friend for a Boxer is... you guessed it, another Boxer. Boxers' energy is equivalent to five energy drinks, and most other breeds only have energy of half of one. So if you are looking to extend your canine colony, it is recommended to match the energies, otherwise you’ll have two unhappy pooches.

5. Always & always remember how much you love your best friend.

It’s very easy to get frustrated with the chaos of chewed toys, constant need of affections, and worrying about their playmates. However, never ever forget why you love these guys. They are loyal, they are protective, and they will do anything for you. Whenever you have a horrible day at work, Boxers will always let you know how special you are. Whenever you need a good laugh, they will always be there doing something stupid to bring smiles to your face. Boxers love us more than they love themselves. Make sure you are ready for this full time commitment of chaos & love. 

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What Is It Like to Own a Boxer?
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