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What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Pet insurance is being called a financial life saver and a low-coverage savings alternative. So, what does pet insurance cover?

The other day, I had decided to look into pet insurance for my two cats. As luck would have it, pet insurance is a lot more complicated than I thought — and in my case, also was a lot more expensive than I thought it'd be. 

If you're reading this article, you're probably wondering what does pet insurance cover. Speaking as someone who just went shopping for it, I can clue you into what you should expect when shopping around. 

"What does pet insurance cover?" is a really, really broad question.

It's really hard to discuss what does pet insurance cover without talking about the different types of pet insurance. Different kinds of pet insurance will cover different things. For example...

  • Accident-Only pet insurance will only cover damages due to an accident, such as a pet being hit by a car or your pet eating something that's dangerous for them.
  • Dental and Preventative pet insurance will cover things like annual vet visits, treatments for gingivitis, and general overall wellness. This is also added as a waiver for Accident-Only pet insurance plans, too.
  • Ongoing or Hereditary Illnesses are also available for coverage, most often through waivers and addendums. These cover longstanding illnesses your pet may have, such as glaucoma, deafness, or hereditary neurological conditions.
  • Pet Death insurance also can be obtained, and this will pay you a small amount of money in the event of your furry friend's death. 

Each plan and waiver you add onto your pet insurance will expand coverage and give you more benefits. So, it's kind of hard to tell you what does pet insurance cover unless you know the specific items in the contract you're signing.

That being said, you should always ask what does pet insurance cover from each vet bill — and how you'll get that money.

Every pet insurance plan will cover a certain percentage of your vet bills, but how they get that money to you will differ from company to company — and how much you save will differ from plan to plan. 

So, check out how much money you'd save for a bunch of different events. You might find that the pet insurance you're buying is well worth the money for your pet...or you may find that it's cheaper to just put aside money. 

Additionally, some pet insurance plans are a lot slower at getting the money sent to you or credited to your bank account than others are. Looking into pet insurance reimbursement is a wise choice before you decide to buy a plan for yourself. After all, if you aren't getting the money fast enough, it may be a waste of time.  

Either way, the best person to ask what does pet insurance cover in your situation is an insurance agent who's selling it to you. 

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What Does Pet Insurance Cover?
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