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We Don't Deserve Dogs

Why We Should Love Our Dogs the Way They Love Us

All my life I had this fantasy living in my head that everyone deserves to own a dog. Dogs are sweet, loving, and without a doubt the most adorable creatures I have ever seen. So in my little kid brain, it puzzled me as to why anyone wouldn’t have a dog. I’ve had my own little dog for the past few years and I spend every second possible with her. I often wish that other people could feel that same happiness and companionship with pets of their own. So naturally, whenever anyone told me they wanted a dog, I would tell them that they should definitely get one.

However, then one day I encouraged my roommate to get a dog of her own. Ever since then, I have come to the conclusion that not everyone deserves a dog. It may sound like a horrible claim to make, but dogs are so loving toward people. They are excited when you get home, they are always interested in what you’re doing, and they are always there for you when you need them to be. They are such great companions, but they should be so much more than just that. They deserve to have the same love and attention in return.

That’s where my roommate made her biggest mistake. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a sweet girl and has a great love for dogs, but when it comes down to it, she did not care for her dog the way she needed to. At first, I took care of her dog more than she did, even though the dog was hyper and would not listen to a word I said. When I finally gathered the courage to say something about it to her, she told me to just leave the dog in her crate when she wasn’t home and that she would take care of her from then on.

But she didn’t. That poor dog sat in her crate more often than not and whined whenever she was locked up all alone. I knew she just longed for attention. Every time my roommate would come home and open the crate, the dog would be overjoyed to see her, even though she was usually only stopping by to quick let her dog out and then immediately shove her back in the crate. It was heartbreaking. I knew that she had a busier class schedule than I did, but no matter how busy I get, I always make sure I have time to spend with my dog. It’s a necessity, but she didn’t even seem willing to spend a few extra minutes petting her. When I tried to talk to her once more about paying more attention to her companion, she argued that she did not have the time or money for it. She didn’t seem to see that time and money is essential for any pet owner.

Sometimes I would have to sneak into her room just to give her dog at least some attention here and there, but that was really all I could do. She was still being fed and given water. She still had the basic needs. However, basic needs are only the minimum requirement for owning a dog. Any pet owner should not be satisfied by giving their furry friend only the minimum. Dogs deserve the world.

Part of me still wants to believe that everyone deserves a dog. Having a dog is such a rewarding experience and without my own fur baby, I’m not even sure where I’d be today. But dogs need us just as much as we need them. They should never have to feel abandoned or neglected, so don’t adopt a dog just to adopt a dog. Adopt a dog because you know that dog will be more than just a dog to you—because it will find a special place in your heart.

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We Don't Deserve Dogs
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