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Wagging, Sniffing, Barking, Cuddles!

Pets are not just to have for their cute looks. Am I crazy? Nope, sorry it's true.

Siberian Husky

People all over the world are falling more and more in love with dogs. One of the most popular breeds would end up being the Siberian Husky (shown in image above). What people don't understand is that you can't adopt or buy a pet just because it looks beautiful and you want to show it off in public or online for people to see. It's not just dogs either. People are purchasing cats, birds, lizards etc.

Caring For Your Furry Friend

Shiba Inu

There are many many types of breeds of dogs and cats alike. If you decide on adopting a very furry friend, there are some things you have to take into consideration.

  • Type of coat
  • Certain conditions they may be prone to
  • Size
  • Exercise
  • Environment
  • Age of family to be


When picking out your favorite pets, whether it be a dog or a cat, most people go for the nicest fur on the animal. It can be the pattern or color that lures you in but that is one of the biggest reasons dogs and cats end up in the vet with knots or objects stuck in their coats. Most people don't take into consideration the time and patience that goes into grooming their pets. You can always take them to your favorite local groomer but being a vet assistant I can tell you it can get quite pricey. Grooming them yourself is actually a task you need to be very good at. 

There are many dogs that can't be shaved because it can affect their health and there are some cats that will attack if a clipper gets near them. Always wear protective equipment even if it's your own pet. Animals are very unpredictable.



With every breed comes certain baggage for a simple way to put it. For example, bulldogs have very short snouts which makes it easy for them to have breathing problems. The most well known is brachiocephalic syndrome. Since they have a different shape to their heads and their skulls are are shaped differently as well their insides are basically all bunched up. Their nasal passages are thicker and narrower. 

This dog's thought to be cute snore is actually a flaw and if they snore very loud you should probably hit up your veterinarian. That is not normal and usually means there's an underlying issue you should be concerned with. Other animals that have this problem are pugs, boxers, boston terriers etc. You can head over to (link below!) and read more about other breeds and conditions.


Neapolitan Mastiff/Chihuahua

This picture says it all. Don't get a dog you can't handle the size, especially if it's 3 times your size. If you don't properly train pets, there are huge chances that someone is going to get hurt. Also, if you want an extremely active dog and love to play with frisbees a chihuahua is not the dog for you.


German Shepherd

Don't adopt or buy a dog if you are just going to have them sitting at home or trapped in a tiny backyard. Pets need loads of exercise especially if you have an overly active dog or one that requires everyday walks to reduce their hyperactivity. If you have a big backyard even going out for 30 minutes and running with your pets is sufficient.


Labrador Retriever

Be sure your pets are in a safe environment. If it's a woodsy area, always keep an eye out. If it's a cold place, don't leave your pets outside for too long. Same goes for hot places. Be extra careful around the spring because, yes, dogs do get allergies just like humans do.


Dogs, Cats, Baby

As I said before, animals are very unpredictable. One moment they can be playing with your kids and the next they can be pouncing or scratching them. Be sure to do your research on the type of animal you are planning on introducing to your family. Cats are better off with older kids and adults since they aren't too playful. Dogs, well, there's so many different breeds and sizes, and most aren't safe to have around small kids. Just be careful and don't get a dog that can crush your kid unless you know you will be watching them like a hawk.

There's so many things to learn about pets before actually going out to adopt one. Just make sure you and your kids look into all the things it takes to have a pet. There's a lot more than showering and playing with your favorite little pal. Vet bills, time, patience, love, attention and a lot more. Just keep in mind and choose the right furry little friend for you and your family.


Pet Health Network
The Pet Health Network is the leading vet authority on all topics related to your pet's health. Learn more about caring for your pet from our top vet experts.
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Wagging, Sniffing, Barking, Cuddles!
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