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Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Pet Page on Instagram

So I'm guessing you are here because, just like me, you're looking to start an Instagram page for your pets?

Desertbabies (IG)

So if you are here to introduce your loving pets into the world of social media, you've come to the right place. There's a few things you might want to consider, easy ways of getting your page noticed by your fellow animal lovers and also posting the right photo at the right time! 

You may think the world wants to see your beloved pet pooch sprawled out across your duvet you've had since 2008. Just because they look cute right? Wrong. Perfect photos of your pets require perfect lighting and angle. Everybody has a good side! 

And.... POSE!

Desertbabies (IG)

Make sure to set the scene, like a mini photoshoot. Hold a treat, give them a scratch or get them excited. Try taking five pictures in a row... deleting 4 and keeping the only one that looks half decent! 

Keep background colour in mind, if they blend in, take it outside! Have fun with the photos, always make sure the flash is off. If it hurts your eyes, it will hurt theirs! 

Remember, let the camera focus. Your followers don't want to see photos that look like they were taken on a potato. 

Work it ladies!

Desertbabies (IG)

So there is a silent golden rule on Instagram. If you want to get noticed you need to caption right and hashtag properly. The caption has to be captivating, either something long and important your followers need to read or short and sweet. Any where inbetween they'll probably just scroll past. 

Hash tagging is probably the most important thing to do on all posts on Instagram. Posting with no hashtags is like giving someone half of a ripped £10 note. It's pointless!

Top 10 hashtags 2018











These are currently the most used and popular hashtags on Instagram to date. Using these along side with hashtags relevant to your post will get you likes and followers who have a mutual interest or just think your pet is cute! 

It doesn't matter if the page is for your cuddly snake or polished pooch. As long as you set the scene, angle and lighting the photo will be noticed. Don't forget to use the hashtags, never forget to use the hashtags.

Lastly, remember to focus!

Having a photo that is sharp, bright and colourful is sure to get you more likes and followers. Try zooming in on your favourite part of your pet, or a sunny backdrop on a long walk. Posts that show the most personality are going to go a lot further. 

After a while, you'll find that your page is growing with followers that admire your passion for your family friend. Depending on where you live make sure your posting at the right time. When instagram is at its peak! There's no point posting something when everyone is asleep because by the time they wake up your post will be old news! 

So remember, show personality through your posts and caption it just right! Photos bright and eye capturing! Posting at the right time with the right hashtags! 

Happy gramming!

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Top Tips on Creating the Perfect Pet Page on Instagram
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