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The Special Dog

The story I'm about to tell you is a true story, Max's story. You may not believe it and, to be honest, at first I didn't either.

Max playing with his new toy, the pizza!

The story I am about to tell you, well, some people may say it's fake, but I can assure you that its real. It all started about eight months ago, I had been wanting a dog for longer then I can remember. I would ask my mom day in and day out for a dog, but, unfortunately, she was severely allergic and had asthma, so it was out of the question. One day, she and my father started talking about the idea of getting a dog, and soon enough they brought up the idea to me. Of course, I was so incredibly thrilled that I would finally have a real chance at owning a dog, and so I started searching for dogs that very day. I first started looking for hypoallergenic dogs, as those breeds are supposedly the best you can get for people with allergies. I first found a women who was selling Yorkie-Poo puppies, and so I contacted her. We invited them to come with her puppies to our home a few days later. Once they came, a few minutes of my mother playing with the puppies, she, sadly, reacted, and so that breed was out of the question.

Throughout the couple of months, we had tried multiple different hypoallergenic breeds, such as the Yorkshire Terrier, Goldendoodle (only half hypoallergenic), Toy Poodle, a couple of other cross-bred hypoallergenic puppies and a few mixed breed rescues—all of which, she reacted to. I then started to feel hopeless. We continued searching and contacting other people, and then came across an ad for lab mix puppies, so I asked if we could meet them. At first the owner said that we could meet the puppies, but that it would be an hour drive away. Our family decided that it was quite far, and so we asked if we could meet the puppies elsewhere. In the end, we had agreed to meet at an open field close to our house on the upcoming Sunday. 

The days passed and soon it became Sunday. We left our house around noon and met up at the field. Little did we know that there was another family of about five people were there to look at buying a puppy as well. Once the owners came, they set down the crate full of puppies containing one male and three females, and then opened the gate and let them run loose. The other family huddled around the puppies, looking to see which one they wanted as we stood back and waited our turn. While the other family was playing with the females, the only male came through all of the chaos and came to us. My mother then continued to pet the puppy to see if she was allergic, as her face normally becomes all red and blotchy. Nothing happened, so she continued to pet the dog and put her face towards the dog, but nothing. I was completely and utterly shocked, I had never seen my mother not be allergic to a dog before. For the rest of the time we spent with the puppies, he didn't leave our side, he would constantly come back to us. We had kept experimenting to see if my mother would be allergic to him, and in the end, she didn't react, and so she asked me if I wanted to get him. She told me that if we were to take this puppy home and she became allergic the very next day, we could not keep him, and that we would not try to get a dog again. Like I said, she has severe allergies, and so if she is with a dog she is allergic to for too long, she has difficulty breathing. I was nervous to say yes, as it would be my only chance at owning a dog and, if she ended up being allergic, I could loose all my chances at getting a dog. I looked into his eyes, and I felt this feeling that it would turn out as I hoped, and so, I risked it all for him. When my mother payed for him, I could not hold back my tears. I was so happy, I had never been happier. We brought him home that day and bought everything that was needed for him. I then had to make a decision on what his name would be. After a long time of thinking, I finally decided, his name would be Max. I chose Max from the well known movie, "Max," about how special the dog was to the young boy, and how it was such an unusual situation of how the young boy got surprised with a dog that was in the military. The dog protects the young boy with his life. I chose this name because Max truly is a special dog, I find him incredibly special in my heart, not only for his personality. My mother is allergic to every breed out there, even the expensive hypoallergenic breeds, and yet she isn't allergic to a non-hypoallergenic, mixed breed farm dog named Max. And so, this ends the unique story of how we got our dog, Max. 

Max playing with a toy when he was young

When we first got him:

Him now:

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The Special Dog
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