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The Pros and Cons of Having a Rabbit as a Pet

The Truth Behind Being a Bunny Owner

Cute Little Balls of Fur

They look cute, they hop around, and their fluffy butts are so soft but they aren't that easy. Having a rabbit can be tough and convenient all the same. While they don't require the energy of a dog and are often compared to cats they tend to be rather delicate. I want to break this down into three areas and talk about the pros and cons of each before going into my own take on being a bunny owner. The areas will be affection, maintenance, and temper. 


While people assume bunnies are going to be all lovable as a dog they couldn't be any more wrong. The personality of a rabbit is often compared to that of a cat. The pros of this are simple. They are often loyal and will give you affection when they want to or feel its necessary. They are also lovable to their owners when the owner is visibly upset. My rabbit will often lay next to you when your sad or crying. She also likes to mark they people she loves by rubbing her chin on us or licking us. The cons...well like I said they will give you affect on their terms. Don't expect them to want to cuddle with you for long hours like a dog. They aren't very fond of being held as they are prey animals. So a rule of thumb if you want to hold your rabbit its best to get on the floor with them and hold them that way. They may not be receptive to being picked up. 


The maintenance of a rabbit is pretty simple and doesn't require much more than a simple pet. Pros to having a rabbit are that much like a cat they do a pretty good job at keeping themselves clean. Their claws are easily trimmed with a pair of cat clippers. They are also easily potty trained and leave small round droppings that are easily cleanable. They require a simple diet of rabbit pellets, timothy hay, and veggies with the occasional fruit. Avoid rabbit foods and treats that are full of sugar. The main con with a rabbit is their urine. It contains a strong odor and can leave white residue on your floors. Don't fret the residue is just a calcium deposit that can be cleaned with straight vinegar. It's more of an inconvenience than anything. The other thing to remember is to not bath them like you would a dog or a cat. Much like a chinchilla, their fur isn't guaranteed to dry properly which could lead to issues. It's better to set them up with a place to get a dirt bath. If you absolutely must use water it is better to put about a cup of slightly warm water in your tub, really just enough to coat the bottom a little and then let your rabbit sit in it to loosen whatever is stuck to its rear or back feet. This is useful with white rabbits who stain easily. Just remember to dry them completely using a dry towel to pat them dry. Do not...I repeat do not use soap and water and do not bath them like you would a cat or dog. 


Rabbits can be pretty sweet and can be relaxing to have around but from experience, they can also be quiet snappy. The thing to remember is if you scare them they will cop an attitude and may even bite you. My rabbit likes to smack you with her front paws if she's been scared or if you tell her something she doesn't like. She can be quiet the diva. This is another area I find that they're often like cats in a way. They are, however, a complete joy to have around.

I love having a rabbit. Our bunny, Gracie is a sweetie but can also be quite a diva whereas our other bunny, Miss Randolph tends to be rather independent but is completely kind. I find that they are slightly easier for our family because we have such busy schedules and can't be around 24/7. If you are looking at getting a rabbit I recommend it, but do your research first as you should with any animal. THE NUMBER ONE THING TO REMEMBER WITH A RABBIT IS BE CAREFUL WITH HANDLING IT! The spine on a rabbit is very fragile and can easily be broken. So please be super careful when considering a rabbit. 

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The Pros and Cons of Having a Rabbit as a Pet
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