Kristen Welton
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The Most Misunderstood Breed of Dog

Pitbulls have had a 'bad rep' some people say, but is it really true?

So let’s face it, when you hear Pitbull, what do you think? Not trustworthy? Not recommended to be a family dog? Most aggressive? Whatever it may be, I'm here to say they're completely wrong! I recently adopted a 5-year-old Pitbull named Bruce and he puts the misconception in a 180-degree turn. I have never owned a dog whose cuddling consists of actually lying on top of you or wanting to always be by you. A dog that will look at you with such forgiving eyes that whatever past they had, it was completely forgotten because they have you. 

When we first got my little guy, we knew he had a bad past. When he knew he was in trouble, he would get so scared that he would pee himself, without us having to do anything; he was just so scared of what the outcome may be. Seeing that broke my heart! What broke my heart even more was when we would go on walks and he would walk up to a dog, especially a smaller one, people would pick up their dog and hold him/her up high just so Bruce couldn’t get to them, for the fear of what he would do to their dog. What they don’t realize is he is just as curious as any other dog would be if they were to meet a friend on the way while walking, but because of his breed and the bad reputation bad owners have given them, Pitbulls don’t stand a chance. I would have people walking off to the side of the road or sidewalk putting a good distance between him and them. There have also been incidences where he would get the nastiest looks from individuals with just being by me if I’m around them. 

It really bothered me as a dog owner who has always loved the “black list” breeds for them to be so looked down upon. It’s time to make a change. You can't tell in the picture above, but right where a muzzle would have laid, he has a small hairline growing in a different direction, as if he had to wear that muzzle for long periods of time. He also has small wounds on the tips inside his ears that are just now healing after having him for almost 6 months, and he has scarring on the back of his legs. But with a forgiving heart, he loves everyone, and I mean everyone, unconditionally! They are the most forgiving breed, yet they're the most unwanted breed. 

My husband grew up having pit bulls along with many many friends that I know that own or have owned a Pitbull and they have all said the same: They are the best dog breed to own! They have a huge heart and a loving nature, but can protect their family when needed. Did you know that way back when they were actually used as nanny dogs to watch children? Now I'm not trying to bring anyone down who is afraid of them, that is not the case at all. I'm trying to speak for the ones who can’t and ask people to open up their hearts and to not allow social media and the internet determine their decision. 

It’s like the saying goes, a dog will take after his/her owner, so whatever the outcome may be, whether it is good, bad, or even funny, take a step back and see the past your adopted doggo might have had and take that into consideration! I guarantee you, if you would just walk up to a pit at your local shelter, or better yet someone you know, they'll change your mind or give you a more positive opinion about them. Give them a chance. They don't want to fight or be aggressive. That's not in their nature. They just strive to love and be a part of your life for as long as they live.

Kristen Welton

Hey there!  My name is Kristen Welton and I have had a passion for animals and traveling for as long as I can remember!  I will always have the beach close to my heart along with our 4 legged fur babies!  I hope you enjoy the posts I write!

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The Most Misunderstood Breed of Dog
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