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The Life of Papyrus

A Very Annoying, yet Lovable Siamese Cat

My cat, Papyrus

About two-and-a-half years ago, while I was awake for spring break, a miracle was born. Her mother was a pure black cat, and so were her brothers. But she was different, different and absolutely beautiful. She was a Siamese, and she had the softest fur I’ve ever felt. And her eyes... her eyes were the bluest of blues. It was completely mesmerizing. 

Since I was gone for the week, my littlest brother named her Papyrus, after the video game character because he thought she was a boy. But when we found out he was a she, the name had already stuck. It suited her, it was unique just as she was. Of course, I claimed her as my own as soon as I got home, and I spent as much time with her as possible. At first, she lived in our garage, but soon she lived outside with her brother Kinkachu. The two of them used to get along until one day something bad happened and Papyrus moved inside and into my room obviously. She was always hungry and she loved to talk and get attention all the time. When she heard the bowl even tap the floor it was as if she’d just appear out of nowhere. It was really funny. I enjoyed video taping her, playing with her, and cuddling while watching movies.

 During this time though, my life was a wreck. I was, and still am facing anxiety and depression, and multiple times I almost committed suicide. But Papyrus seemed to know when I was upset, and when I was, she came to me and purred, and talked, or just slept, but it was like she knew she had to be there for me. It was like she thought it was her job, although, there were quite a few times when she was too busy being hungry or annoying to pay attention to how I’m feeling. So, like a good person I was, I smothered her in love. 

Then summer vacation came and I went to visit my dad, over time while I was with my mom, Papyrus started to put on Weight, and I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but I soon found out when I was with my dad. She gave birth to kittens... on the couch! I thought that her giving birth to kittens on the couch was the most funniest thing ever. All her kittens were a smoky grey, and had faint darker grey designs in them. Tess, Tom, Nightmare, and Edgar. That was their names. My mom kept Tom and Edgar, my father kept Nightmare and unfortunately when I graduated high school, I had to give Tess away to someone I didn’t know. But  I trusted that they’d take care of her. 

Now I was off to college, and I couldn’t bear to leave Papyrus behind, so I took her with me, and soon, she became a fully registered Emotional Support Animal and was able to live in the dorm room with me. I needed that because my life there only got worse, my grades were failing and I felt ashamed of myself, and then I made a mistake and my parents got really mad, that’s when I made the decision to run away to Colorado. That happened in April this year. During this time in the big CO, Papyrus was stressed at first, but soon got accustomed to moving a bunch of times because of unnecessary drama. After a couple months, we finally moved into a trailer and Papyrus and I got our own room again. Now she weighs 11.9 pounds, (probably more now) and even though I’m planning on going home really soon, she’s still the best friend I ever had. She sleeps with me every night, she’s there when I cry, she’s always there. Forever, and I love every single bit of her chubbiness. And I don’t know what I’d do without her. I just know I wouldn’t be here without her. So I just wanna say, "Thank you Papyrus," for being the best cat ever.

Papyrus and her lovely kittens 

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The Life of Papyrus
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