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The Day in the Life of a Bengal Kitten

Naughty Bengal...

Nala, Bengal kitten.

My beautiful Bengal kitten came to live with us on 18 September 2017. She was born July 5. I’ve had moggies throughout my life, growing up, so I did not know what to expect when I decided to adopt her as she’s a completely different breed, 40 percent more active than moggies.

Oh my god was I in for a treat! She is absolutely crazy. She tries to climb the door frames, the curtains, knocks down the house plants, anything she can to cause mischief! Obviously being a kitten she couldn’t go outside until she had been done. We have another cat named Jessie, a black and white moggie; she’s 5-years-old and she did not get on well with Nala at first, this new Bengal kitten. They do tolerate each other now.

Anyway trying to learn how to keep this Bengal out of mischief has been a hard challenge; we’ve had so much advice. Tell her off, don’t tell her off, ignore her. She’s only doing it to get a reaction and attention from you. With all this conflicting advice I was torn. My boyfriend does it his way and I do it mine. We got her done and she was eventually allowed outside. That was it then she was better behaved but still naughty occasionally, LOL.

In February she got ill, she wouldn’t eat her food, and she would be sick everywhere. I was in bits. I took Nala to the vets. It wasn’t good news and she had to stay overnight for a scan. They didn’t know what was causing her to throw up. We went back in the next day and they told us she had a foreign object in her stomach. They didn’t know the extent of the damage until they had a closer look. They warned us at her age going under a knife was tricky and that she might not make it. 

I was devastated and cried a lot worrying about her. I was so upset that if she died she wouldn’t make it to her 1st birthday! That made me feel like a very bad cat owner...

Well, I got a call from the vets saying it wasn’t good news that she had to go into surgery straight away as they found a long string going from her tongue right through to her bum! OMG. I was constantly checking my phone for any news on her after that. They phoned me again and it was a success; they made six incisions and managed to get the whole thing out! When I went to pick her up they showed me what she had swallowed! OMG this naughty kitten. It looked like a long piece of thread. I have included a picture.

We got her home and was told don’t let her jump on anything because of the stitches. Fat chance of that. She did what she wanted to do. She did sit on our laps more and always wanting cuddles.

She is fully healed and almost 1-year-old in a month and two days! She’s had us in an emotional rollercoaster from day one! She goes outside a lot more now, sometimes out all night, and she’s so vocal. I have read that you can train bengals like you can with dogs! 

The moral of the story is when you are looking for a kitten, do your research in certain breeds as some are harder to look after than others! I will do a post on breed selection next if anyone is interested.

Home After Surgery

What They Found Inside Her Intestines!

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The Day in the Life of a Bengal Kitten
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