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The Best Therapy Is Puppy Therapy

From My Own Experience

This is Loo Loo, she is one of my favorite dogs from the shelter that I volunteer at.

A year ago I never would’ve thought that I would step foot into an animal shelter and feel so at peace with myself. I was always scared of dogs, ever since my sister got attacked by a German Shepherd. Thank you to a great friend of mine who actually brought me to this local shelter. I couldn’t be happier spending time with all these amazing animals. This little story that I’m about to tell you really comes from my heart, because ever since I started volunteering at the shelter, it’s become a little safe haven for me, and it's a happy place of mine. When I first started volunteering at the shelter, I was used to playing with little dogs such as Chihuahuas, Maltese, Beagles, etc. I started playing with a Loo Loo when I saw how playful she was with my friend. I was originally scared of Loo Loo because the same energy Loo Loo had was the same energy the dog that attacked my sister had. When I actually started playing with her, though, she was very hyper, but she was also very friendly and very loyal. Her and I became so close that when I started walking her, she can either walk beside me, or if she wants to walk ahead of me, she will turn back occasionally to make sure that I was still there. If that doesn’t define loyalty, I guess I do not have a better definition for loyalty other than that. Loo Loo was one of the first big dogs I have ever played with at the shelter. This was a couple months after I started to volunteer at the shelter and I couldn’t have been happier with meeting such a beautiful and pleasant dog like Loo Loo. As you can see, her fur is very different from the regular dogs that we are used to seeing. Loo Loo is actually a dog breed called Catahoula (well, I think that’s how you spell it I’m not exactly sure). She was the first of many dogs that I grew fond of and she is the reason why I am still volunteering at my local shelter to this day. I always come to the shelter on my free time because it is a little escape from my responsibilities. It’s not like I will drop or ignore all of my responsibilities, but it’s nice to have a break every now and then.

At the end of the day, the reason I say "puppy therapy is the best therapy" is because whenever you might be feeling lonely, bored, or have nowhere else to go, it’s always great to go to the shelter and find a new furry little friend. The only downside to volunteering at an animal shelter is that eventually the dogs and cats get adopted. It is sad because you are so used to seeing them every time you go there, but you are also happy for them because they have a chance to have a new home. This also gives you a chance to explore and meet new puppies every time you go. All an animal wants is tender, love, and care—just like humans. Once you give them that TLC, you will receive it in return, and trust me, it is the best feeling. This is why puppy therapy is the best therapy.

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The Best Therapy Is Puppy Therapy
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