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The Best Day Ever


Four Weeks Old 

When I was 15 years old, my older sister decided to get a dog, while my childhood dog was 13 years old. My sisters and I needed a new companion to love when Clarabelle passes away. We begged my dad for a new puppy all night after coming home from Red Lobster. It was about 10 o’clock at night before he said “fine you can have a dog!” My sisters and I were so excited. We emailed and called the lady who was selling the puppies and we requested one. We asked for pictures so she asked for an interview and for us to put a deposit down to show that we were serious. When we made it to her house it was in a quiet town in southern Alabama. The lady had the cutest four-week-old Yorkshire Terriers. Their eyes weren’t even open because they were so small. Well, when we knocked on her door I was smiling from ear-to-ear. I just couldn’t believe we were actually getting a dog! Then the lady opened her door and invited us in. We walked in and sat on her couch in her living room while she went and grabbed the puppies. She brought two little puppies out, because we weren’t sure of which one would like our family and fit in the most. The one I held in my hands was named Jasmine after the Disney princess, and the one my older sister held was named Ariel. Jasmine snuggled with me, but after all this was for my sister. So we went with the other puppy named Ariel. Her fur coat was so silky. She had fleas at the time and it was so sad because they made her itch all over and she was so young she did not know how to itch yet because she was so young. When we got into the car she was so small and she didn’t know the smell or the look of the car. But boy, oh boy, was that the best decision we had ever made. When we brought her home we gave her a bath to try and get the fleas off with a special wash. And when that didn’t work we went to Petco to see if they had a stronger pet wash. We ended up getting a a flea oatmeal wash and a flea comb. When we ended up getting back home she started shivering so we turned up the heat. When she got warm we grabbed a puppy bottle and started to bottle feed her. She didn’t like her bottle at all so we transferred it to a syringe and we were able to get the milk into her mouth faster. She has brought so much joy into our lives. My older sister ended up getting a job and getting married, so Ariel stays at my house. I have to say that getting a dog was the best day of my life. She gets a toy pretty much everyday, and we feed her raw primal rabbit for her lunch and dinner. Ariel’s favorite toys are the ones that have loud squeakers. She also loves toys that have super stuffed inside so she can take out the fluff. Ariel recently got a one month old Pomeranian sister named Nala like from The Lion King. Ariel is still getting used to Nala but the long they are together they get use to each other and start to like each other. Every time we come home Ariel gets so excited to see us and she starts crying because she missed us so much. I used to not care too much for dogs, but ever since Ariel came into our lives I have become a huge dog person.

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The Best Day Ever
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