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Animals the way nature intended it; explore the world of wild animals and the controversies surrounding domestication and hunting of feral beasts.

Corey Hurta year ago
Whales Should Not Be Held Prisoner
We take a sum of about ten to twenty dollars and pay our admission to the zoo to watch animals for our own entertainment. Many zoos encompass the United States and are often visited. We see and analyz...
Amy Butlera year ago
I am a lover of wildlife and most of nature's beautiful things: Rain, rainbows, the trees, well, you get the picture. But there is one creature that the only way I can stand it is outside, NOT in my h...
Sophie Turnera year ago
Tilikum: A Killer Whale with a Killer Attitude
Tilikum was a very well-known captive orca, he really lived up to his killer whale title in his lifetime in captivity. He was born in 1981, and when he was just two years old, he was captured in Icela...
Nefel Ibataa year ago
Why I Quit My Career in Dolphin Training
Six months ago I left the dolphin industry after twelve years. The reason for me initially leaving was the ending of my contract. However the decision to not roll right into another dolphin job was a long and tough debate with "myself" and who I wanted to be. Within the industry, there are many who are dedicated to the care and safety of the animals. We go to work in physically demanding and in most cases dangerous environments for the same pay as a grill staff at McDonalds. However the commitme...
How Do Zoos Prepare for Hurricanes?
Preparing for a hurricane is hard enough as it is, but it's even more complicated when you have thousands of wild animals to protect and care for. While pet owners are generally urged to evacuate, zoo...
Rich Monettia year ago
Mahopac Author and Conservationist Gives Voice to the World’s Big Cats
As a child, animals put Alan Rabinowitz at ease. His misfiring neurons would follow suit and put his stuttering problem at bay. This opened an avenue for just about the only conversations had until he...
null nulla year ago
The Cold-Blooded Mammal Humans Drove to Extinction
About 5,000 ago, humans drove the Balearian cave goat to extinction on the Spanish islands of Minorca and Majorca. With no natural predators until the arrival of humans, these goats survived for milli...
Clare Scanlana year ago
Shark Attacks
According to the International Shark Attack File, there are less than 1000 attacks a year by sharks on humans and only between 10 and 15 of these results in death. To put this into perspective, 1,000 ...
Clare Scanlana year ago
Ocean Habitats
From microscopic plankton to the largest whale, the ocean has a greater variety of plants and animals than any other environment in the many different habitats it provides. Because our planet looks bl...
Clare Scanlana year ago
Largest Creatures in the Sea
The ocean is absolutely packed with animals of all shapes and sizes. From the smallest plankton to the largest whale, the animals in the ocean show an amazing diversity in size, shape, and lifestyle. ...
Clare Scanlana year ago
Cow Sharks
Little is known about the mysterious cow shark as it spends most of its life in secret living in the deepest, coldest, darkest parts of the ocean well below the depth most divers reach. Some species, ...
5 Creepy Wildlife Facts
The world is full of some beautiful wonders... and some ugly disasters!
I was on a photo expedition in Morrow Bay, California shooting the typical tourist-type photos that everyone who visits the area shoots. After getting a few nice shots, I decided to stroll over to the...
Azzyness Ea year ago
Exotic Pets: What is a Sugar Glider?
Sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps) are originally from Australia, Tasmania, Papua-New Guinea, and Indonesia. They have been bred in captivity in the USA and UK for around 15 years. They are part of th...
Why We Need to Stop Killing Sharks
Sharks are boss ass creatures. Despite being just necks with teeth and fins, they are pretty much the only reason we as humans are still alive. Let me explain. Sharks are the top of the ocean's food c...