Isn't it ironic that the very best of humanity is seen through the love and empathy we show to our pets?

Brian Paredes2 years ago
Best Friends
Your whole life you spend reading books and watching shows and movies, and you see various interactions between best friends hoping that you will one day have a friend just as great, one that would di...
J.C. Marie2 years ago
Doggie Days
I've always loved dogs. From a young age, I was endeared with the soft, cuddly animals that provide unconditional love. However, there was a strict 'no furry pet' rule at my house, largely due to my f...
Pierre Roustan2 years ago
Watch This Sickeningly Cute Video of a Dog Crashing the Vienna Chamber Orchestra Performance
Truly, it's an odd sight, but one for a celebration of classical music when a canine can meander right on stage and take a front seat at the feet of a violinist. Yawning. How comfortable can you get, ...
Peter Dill2 years ago
Best Pet Charities in New York City
New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world - as long as you're not one of the many animals who live in the mean city streets. Sadly, there's a bit of a stray epidemic going on in New Yor...
Glenn Bushinski2 years ago
Best Pet Charities in America
Too often, charitable organizations end up being scandalized once their donors find out that only a very small percentage of money actually goes to the donation. In many cases, the money that's donate...
Three Ways You’re Miscommunicating with Your Pet
Animals are innately intuitive beings. People… not so much. Animals survive in the wild using their five senses and gut instincts. People, on the other hand, generally turn off their intuitive abiliti...