exotic pets

Exotic pets are wild animals gone domestic; explore the absurd, fascinating and sometimes illegal exotic pet industry.

D. White5 days ago
Exotic Pets: Axolotls
Have you ever been interested in these cute little creatures that have seemed to take over parts of the internet? Here is some information about Axolotls, how to care for them, where to find them, and...
Taylor Shipley17 days ago
Bearded Dragons
Looking for a new unique pet to add to your home? Want something quiet, yet playful? If you don't mind the scales when they try to cuddle up to you, bearded dragons are a great addition to the family....
Sage Fear2 months ago
Snakes: They Aren't as Awful as You Think
When you hear someone mention snakes, you probably think of the slithery, legless lizards. Most people have this idea that snakes are out to make lives difficult for humans and intentionally attack th...
Azzyness E2 months ago
Exotic Pets: What is a Sugar Glider?
Sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps) are originally from Australia, Tasmania, Papua-New Guinea, and Indonesia. They have been bred in captivity in the USA and UK for around 15 years. They are part of th...
Marlene Affeld2 months ago
Giant Birds of the Jungle
Highly entertaining and more interactive with owners and others than any other pet, a macaw requires a major commitment of time and energy; they can live for over a 100 years. Sadly, these regal birds...
Ossiana Tepfenhart2 months ago
Most Unusual Pets To Own
The exotic pet industry is booming, especially as people begin to see pets as an extension of themselves. After all, who would want a regular cat when they could have a serval? Who would want a dog wh...