It's no coincidence that a dog is a man's best friend; they're more faithful than most other animals, and more faithful than many people.

Samsonite vs The Nozzle
I have four of the cutest and most loving little dogs. Biffidous Regularus, (Biff), is my oldest. Tyke is next in line. Samsonite is the third oldest, and he is also the smallest. Then lastly, but not least, there is Henry who we affectionately call Roo-Roo. When Samsonite was little, I had discovered his joy in chasing the stream of water that sprayed from the nozzle attached to our garden hose. Each day from May to October, I hand water my front and back yards. I also water our vegetable garde...
Akash Sharma4 days ago
Dealing with the Loss of Your Dog
Most dog lovers see their animals as a member of the family, someone to bring them joy, make them laugh, and quite possibly as a major stress reliever. Although it might be misunderstood by people who...
Patricia H6 days ago
Getting a Urine Sample from My Dog
“We need a urine sample.” It's not fun when the doctor or nurse says it to you, but when it's the vet asking, it's a totally different—and much more difficult—matter. I found that out the hard way. Ma...
Anita Powell17 days ago
My Dog Day Afternoon (Literally)
I couldn’t think of any other title that could and would describe my afternoon with my dogs, but as you read, you will discover what I’ve discovered—that there is something wrong with one of my dogs. ...
Craig House25 days ago
Are You Getting Closer to Welcoming Your New Furry Family Member Home?
As a responsible dog owner, your home needs to be transformed into a safe and secure environment to stop your wandering pup from getting into a pickle. This is for their health and for the protection of your belongings. A new puppy is inquisitive, mischievous, and playful: no household object is safe! To begin, you'll need to put yourself in the mindset of your puppy. What can they reach? What rooms of the house do they have access to? Can they get upstairs? For your puppy, everything they can g...
Paisley Hansena month ago
Help Your Dog Have a Great Summer
Summer is here, and that means a lot of outdoor fun for dogs and their owners. It also means that you have to stay on top of your doggie-care game to ensure your beloved pet has a summer that's as saf...
Susan Shirleya month ago
How to Become a Cat Owner
I had owned dogs since I was 16 years old. I have always loved dogs and still do. My mum wouldn’t let us have them when we were children–she always asked who would take it for a walk, who would clean ...
Paisley Hansena month ago
How to Pick the Best Canine for Your Family
Dogs truly are man’s best friend. They cheer us up when we’re down, make for the perfect companions for long walks, and provide lovable best friends for our children. Any dog parent knows that your fa...
Kiran Ra month ago
6 Most Effective Ways to Deal with Joint Pain in Dogs
Nowadays, having a pet like a dog or a cat is a common trend, as they are amiable and loyal. Children as well as elders love to hang around with them. But it’s a depressing truth that these pets often...
Paisley Hansena month ago
Tips for Keeping Your Dog at Their Peak Health
Your dog is your best friend. They love you unconditionally, and you love them right back! Still, many dog owners overlook the health of their dog. Here are a few ways you can better look after your b...
Sarah Johnsona month ago
Which Dog Bed Can You Donate to Animal Shelters
Animal shelters are always in need of donations. Food, towels, toys, cleaning supplies, and litter are often the first things potential donors think of. But just like humans need a comfortable mattres...
Indy Summers2 months ago
7 Reasons a Dog Will Bring More Joy to Your Life
Any dog owner will tell you that the time they spend with their tail-wagging friend is responsible for much of the joy in their life. In fact, eight out of ten dog owners say the greetings from their ...
Tobias Gillot2 months ago
Essentials for New Dog Owners
Whether you’re an experienced pet owner or a first timer, coming to own a new dog is always exciting. The old saying “man’s best friend” really does sum up the experience of owning a dog. In general, ...
Paisley Hansen2 months ago
Common Signs Your Dog Is Sick and What to Do
All pets can get sick from time to time, and it's important to understand what to do if they become ill. In the case with dog owners, there is a whole host of potential problems that can make them ill...
Isla Wright2 months ago
5 Ways to Ensure You Have a Healthy and Happy Dog
Therefore, it’s only fair that we provide them with as much love and care as possible, and ensure they’re living a good life. The happiness of our furry friends largely depends on their health, and ev...
Emily Sharp2 months ago
Helpful Swimming Tips for Dogs
Swimming, for dogs, is a natural ability, and most dogs are ready to jump right in the pool with the rest of the family and doggy paddle around the pool easily. Some dogs may have issues such as fear ...
Meghan McKenna2 months ago
9 Things You Need for a Care-Free Doggy Walk
Dog walking should be a walk in the park, but sometimes it's not the case. Therefore, these are the items I always have to make sure our walks are fun and care-free.
Gloria Lipson2 months ago
Male and Female Dogs: Personality Differences
Are you contemplating getting a new dog, and stuck between a female or a male one? If yes, you should learn about their behavioral differences. Once you know them, it would be easy to make a choice on...