It's no coincidence that a dog is a man's best friend; they're more faithful than most other animals, and more faithful than many people.

Emma Albright13 hours ago
The Doggone Truth
Every child deserves the opportunity to be able to own their very own dog. Now one may argue that dogs perhaps require too much maintenance or that they have no use, but those people would be gravely ...
Sam Derbyshire2 days ago
To All My Doggie Friends, I Most Humbly Apologise
I’m sorry because I honestly just didn't get it, but I am now grown-up enough to admit that a dog really can change your life. My hubby and kids are furious, of course, because, if I said, "Look, we a...
Liam Mooney4 days ago
No One Prepares You!
For some reason you never hear about what it's like to experience the end of you and your companions story together. It starts with the first knock. It doesn't have to be anything big. The first knock...
Tony Stone7 days ago
Puppy Possibilities
12 legs. 6 eyes. And three big hearts. About three and a half years ago, my partner and I moved in together following our first year anniversary. It was momentous for both of us because we both knew w...
Alyssa Hutchins10 days ago
My Best Investment
When you've been together as long as my husband and I have been, people often ask the question, "When will you have kids?" Truth is, we haven't been ready. We're enjoying being married. We're working ...
Jessenia Reyes11 days ago
Furry Friends
One Sunday morning, I was awoken by the buzzing of what seemed to be my phone. I answered, only to hear my sister excitedly beg me to wake up. She had asked I get ready and go with her to pick up a fu...
Melany 11 days ago
The “Dollar” That Is Made of Gold
When I was small, I always had this crazy obsession with the dream of having a dog! But, the problem wasn’t just my parents. I lived in apartments where they didn’t allow any pets. I was an only child...
Leticia Cruz14 days ago
Discovering My Dog’s Personality
Growing up, I always thought that dogs acted all the same; dogs were categorized as playful, loyal, and loving. Most dogs are but I was unaware that some had attitude (asides from Chihuahuas) or will ...
Lizzie Boudoir23 days ago
Do Dogs Have a Sexual Preference?
It’s a common scenario—you’re playing at the park with your dog and suddenly he's across the field, humping another male dog. While you try frantically to stop it, you're thinking "do I have a gay dog...
April Demarcoa month ago
Why You Must Cut Your Dog's Nails
I am not talking about the aesthetics here, although that counts as well since long nails on dogs aren't a pretty sight. Health issues, particularly pain and problems with posture, are the main reason...
Samantha Bentleya month ago
Why Does My Dog.....?
Dogs are so great. I often wonder what I did with my life before I had dogs, I definitely had more free time, a cleaner house, and a lot more money, but who needs time and money and cleanliness when y...
Nick Chana month ago
5 Benefits of Being a Dog-Sitter Instead of Owning Your Own Dog
Just over a year ago I started dog-sitting. It's something I did simply because I discovered that I love being around dogs. Since I started I've had the pleasure of hosting about fifteen different dog...
Amelia Vietria month ago
Goodbye Old Friend
As I lugged my suitcase down the driveway, I couldn't wait to get in and tell my mum about all the mischief my friends and I had gotten into on our trip to Budapest. This was my first time away from h...
Marina Turpina month ago
Our Last Ride
My Last Moments with Athena
r. nuñeza month ago
Puppy Dog Tales
Gangi, an 80-pound German Shepherd, sits on his haunches and watches intently. His ears are perked up to the maximum, and his body twitches visibly from the tension building up in his muscles. A barel...
Michaela Weissa month ago
Blondie and Butterscotch
This is a story of four dogs and their current lives. First is Blondie, a Pitbull boxer mix. She was born on June 5th, 2012. She is currently 6. We adopted her from North Carolina and she arrived on t...
Nancy D2 months ago
How My Dog Changed My Life
Last year I was so lonely I had no idea what to do with my life. I wore my parents down until eventually they agreed to let me adopt my own 10-week-old long fur dachshund. I saved up the money to adop...