It's no coincidence that a dog is a man's best friend; they're more faithful than most other animals, and more faithful than many people.

Rosanna Teale3 hours ago
The View from the Dog House Pt 11
I have commandeered this post, which means my brother Scamp, known to me sometimes as the Squirt, will probably follow suit with the next one. Where Pickle leads Scamp invariably follows. I like to th...
Davie Winters5 days ago
Beware of Dogs
Whether they are playful pets or fierce warriors, dogs have never left man's side. Since the beginning of civilization, dogs have always been trustworthy and loyal companions of mankind. With their ki...
Sammi Curran6 days ago
Learning to Race in the Rain
I didn’t know if I was ready to review The Art of Racing in the Rain. I read the book a few years back, and it became one of my favorites. Truly, Garth Stein’s novel of the same name is one of the bes...
Jade Kelly10 days ago
When You Lose a Pet
Learning to navigate the world without Belle 11/12/2006-11/11/2016 Written Dec 16th, 2016 I remember it was like it was yesterday. The day I lost my beautiful PomChi Belle to heart failure. The last f...
Rosanna Teale16 days ago
View from the Dog House (Pt. 4)
As dogs that blog, we are clearly more than a cut above the rest; and judging from the photos, we are obviously magnificent specimens—not that we consider ourselves to be dogs, you understand. That sa...
Paisley Hansen18 days ago
Foods that Are and Are Not Safe for Dogs
Dogs tend to beg and want the foods that their humans are having. Most owners will want to share with their dogs. There are some foods that dogs are not allowed to have. These are some foods that are ...
Simon Dupree18 days ago
Support Dogs Help Reduce Stress and Loneliness
Emotional support animals (ESA) can make a profound difference in the ways we deal with social problems. Anxiety, chronic stress, and alienation are common negative side effects of hectic lifestyles a...
Sofia Alves19 days ago
4 Beautiful Ways Dogs Can Improve Your Relationships
Dogs are man's best friend for a reason. They evolved with us for over 15,000 millennia. They have been our close friends, right by our sides, for ages. To say that human lives are intertwined with th...
Louise Douglas19 days ago
Your Dog Did What?!
Have you heard about the one where your dog lost you thousands of dollars worth of earnings and doesn't even have a clue what he did? Well, that's my Gringo! Gringo is my very handsome Australian Catt...
Hayley Dodwell19 days ago
How to Avoid (Accidentally!) Poisoning Your Dog
Don't we just love our fur babies?! Our best friends, our loyal companions, our worlds. All good dog owners want to give their four legged friends the best life possible, shower them with love, give t...
Life From The Dog Side
Dog's eye view of life happenings.
Kevin 24 days ago
Getting the Right Dog for Your Family
Having a pet is a pretty exciting time. It’s like bringing a newborn baby home except with fur and a wet nose. Your family no doubt will want to pick out the dog that will bond with them quickly. Ther...
Teresa Marangon24 days ago
What to Expect When Adopting a Senior Dog
When adopting a dog, many people tend to contact the local breeder and/or the local pet store to check on the available puppies. Others might go to the local animal shelter and wander around the kenne...
Paisley Hansen25 days ago
Taking Care of Your Dog's Needs
Owning a dog requires a lot of responsibility. Aside from hugging them and giving them a lot of love, there are many things to do in order to make sure that they're as happy to be with you as you are ...
Tycho thea month ago
My New Life
My name is Tycho. I’m a long haired, apple-head chihuahua. I was a breeding dog for several years of my life. My name back then was Spike. During my time with my first family, I learned some cute tric...
My Dog-Sitting Story
Hi Jane, Hi Steve, I hope you had a lovely time in Ibiza. You’ll be pleased to see the house is intact and both dogs are still alive. For your information, and perhaps entertainment, here’s a day-by-d...
Roshelle Woodsa month ago
Introduction to #Secret Life of Athena
My name is Athena. My favorite things are rocketship rides, my people, and drive-thrus. Drive-thrus, you ask? Yes!! The window attendants are always so nice. They give me ice cream and tell me how cut...
Stephanie Webba month ago
Life With Roommates' Pets
I first met Jerry, the dog, when I rented a room in a house with two other females, Maureen and Carol. Jerry was a Shih-Poo (a mix between a Poodle and a Shih Tzu). Shih-Poo is an unfortunate name but...