It's been said that people that hate cats will come back as mice in their next life.

Jessye Gould6 months ago
Raising a Stray
When we brought Arno home, we knew that he was going to probably have some problems related to being abandoned and having to fend for himself for the first few weeks of his life. He didn't have anyone...
L.A Banks6 months ago
Devon Rex – What to Expect When You Go Rexy
Firstly, a small anecdote (if you’ll indulge me). My husband resisted having pets for several years. I pleaded, cajoled and wheedled my heart out, but to no avail. His main reason, which was fairly ju...
Jessye Gould7 months ago
Another Adoption!
Well, since at least some of you have been reading the story about our adoption journey with our little boy, Arno, I felt it fitting to share the journey of adopting his sister. My husband and I have ...
Vickie R7 months ago
Learning Positivity With Louie the Cat
I always imagined I would be surrounded by many creatures when I was young. My grandparents were close friends with the head of the local nature center, which gave me a unique set of early memories. O...
Michaela Brenham7 months ago
Welcoming Home Your Blind Cat
Welcoming home any new pet is exciting but can also be a little stressful. Are they going to love you? Will you love them? Will they cause problems with any resident pets? So many questions and so muc...
Sammi Fetterhoff7 months ago
More than likely, I am not the only one that thinks that their cat is the best cat ever. I say my beautiful Kitty is the best cat ever because she was not like any cat that I had come in contact with ...
Gemma 7 months ago
The Day in the Life of a Bengal Kitten
My beautiful Bengal kitten came to live with us on 18 September 2017. She was born July 5. I’ve had moggies throughout my life, growing up, so I did not know what to expect when I decided to adopt her...
Kelsey Lange8 months ago
Can Cats See Color?
We all know that cats are constantly alert (if they're not sleeping) and go crazy for a laser pointer. But can they see that the laser pointer is red? A question that is often debated, if cats can cat...
Kathryn Calvert8 months ago
Time, Patience, and Cuddles
She cowers in the corner, surrounded by her plush igloo—her safety zone. She most likely will remain huddled inside it until the visitors leave, the lights are dimmed, and the staff go home. Only then...
Danny Raney8 months ago
Fort Catamo Cat Sanctuary
The Legend of Fort Catamo and why there is not only a physical aspect to this place but a spiritual side. Well, first of all, some people may ask, "Why now?" Why keep part of a true story hidden for o...
Izzy Erlich8 months ago
10 Best Selling Cat Scratching Posts and Pads
Cats are very particular animals. If you’re already a cat owner, then you know that you probably don’t own your cat as much as your cat owns you. They are a very defiant and dominate pet. So when it c...
Megan Shoemaker8 months ago
After a long day of work, I was finally able to come home and relax. However, once I had gotten comfortable in my bed, I heard my mom calling my name. I was a little reluctant to go at first, but ever...
Kelsey Lange8 months ago
Why Do Cats Love Playing with Boxes?
If you have a cat, you know how much she loves playing with cardboard boxes. A lot of us cat owners, though, might be wondering why. Believe it or not, each of the reasons that she does will help you ...
Ashley Joyce8 months ago
The Crazy Cat Lady
It seems like everyone on the internet is on a dog craze. Don't get me wrong, dogs are freaking amazing. I'd like to get one eventually once my life isn't so hectic. But, as for right now, I'm a fur m...
stephanie borges9 months ago
Cats and Dogs...Gotta Love Them
They are weird and crazy, but they make life great!
Alyssa Jones9 months ago
My True Love
Ok yeah so this is going to be about the love of my life. No it's not a man or a woman. It's about my cat. My cat is 13 years old I've had her since I can remember. She's been there for me through so ...
Yvonne Glasgow9 months ago
Three Ways To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting Your Demise
We all know cats are highly intelligent creatures. Sometimes they are too smart for their own good. We also know that they are extremely independent, which is why they are such a popular pet choice. C...