It's been said that people that hate cats will come back as mice in their next life.

Cynthia Cline4 months ago
Tips While You Travel and Your Cats Stay Home Alone
Cats are cute, fluffy predators that chose to be domesticated by humans. If you are a cat owner then I am sure you have the thought that there is a miniature lion roaming your house that basically own...
Bhre Baer4 months ago
I Miss You
It was May 5, 2018. I had just gotten to work, two hours into my shift exactly, when I got called into my boss’ office. “There’s been a fire at your apartment. Your mom is on the way there.” "Okay," I...
Carrie Hammond4 months ago
The Value of a Grumpy Cat
This is a writing based off my own experience with my furbaby, but overall I think everyone can find something to value in this story, I hope you enjoy the read~! She's beauty, she's grace, and if you...
Jeff Wylie4 months ago
My Roommate’s Kitty
My roommate has a Siamese cat named "Kitty." My roommate has a very vivid imagination when comes to naming his pets. Kitty used to sleep in the living room next to the big chair... that's in the livin...
Owning a Cat
Having a pet is a huge responsibility. I couldn't keep two fish alive. But for some random reason I decided to adopt a cat. I knew there was a large chance it would be a bad idea. But boy was I wrong....
Diane Campbell5 months ago
Cats: What They Never Say, but Make Abundantly Clear
Cats have been human companions for centuries, but what do we really know about them and what they are trying to say?
Megan Allaire5 months ago
Fur Baby
I never thought that I could feel so much love for something that wasn't human. My whole life I've wanted children, But I am waiting for the right time. When me and my boyfriend moved in together, we ...
Rebecca McCurdy5 months ago
Chessie L. McCurdy, 1999 to 2018
We had to put our cat to sleep this past weekend. Chessie was 19 at least. It’s hard to judge your cats exact age when she comes from a box outside Walmart. When I was 19, I was volunteering with the ...
Hannah Hare5 months ago
Kiya and Lucas
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Kiya Rae. Kiya was a rambunctious girl who loved adventure and trying new things. She always loved to play, but though her family always loved to play an...
Cassidy Fordham5 months ago
Patches the Kitty
This is my very first article. It’s based on a true story, and is filled with honest facts about our feline family member. Warning, a lot of parts in here may be found saddening. Viewer discretion is ...
Teresa Mohr5 months ago
The Story of Meatball
Eight years ago in a local pet store was a litter of abandon kittens. My grandma had chosen this cute calico that she wanted for Mother's Day. I noticed everyone looking at the other kittens and ignor...
Rachel Ashman5 months ago
Cat Café? What Is That?
Do you love coffee? Do you love cats? What about drinking your coffee while petting a cat? If that sounds interesting, then a cat café may be for you. Cat cafés are exactly what they sound like, a pla...
Angel Mann5 months ago
Everything You Need to Have a Birthday Party for a Cat
So, it is almost your cat’s birthday! You should have a party. Yes, a cat birthday party! I don’t mean a cat-themed party for humans. I mean a birthday party where everything is meant for cats. In thi...
Lyla So5 months ago
The Life of Papyrus
About two-and-a-half years ago, while I was awake for spring break, a miracle was born. Her mother was a pure black cat, and so were her brothers. But she was different, different and absolutely beaut...
Desti Diaries6 months ago
5 Things I’ve Learned About Having a Cat
My boyfriend and I adopted our very first cat that either of us have ever had. We have both grown up with having dogs in our household so we sort of assumed that owning a two-month-old kitten would be...
Emma Paysinger6 months ago
Having a Familiar
I have always loved cats. I mean LOVE cats. I am almost obsessed with them. I am curious about them and what they are capable of doing. All animals, really I do love them all no matter how "dangerous"...
Julian R Hillis6 months ago
Feral Cats, Cat or Creature!
When I say stray cat, your mind probably wonders to the perhaps the cat you feed on the back deck or the cat you pass by on the street every day on your way to work, but when I say feral cat your mind...
Cynthia Cline6 months ago
Cats, the Very Particular Species
How to Handle a Multi-Cat Household