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Julia Talbot16 days ago
Life Is Better With a Basset Hound
Back when my wife and I first got together, we decided we needed to get a dog. We both grew up with animals, and we wanted some companionship and a project to take on together. We did our research and...
Grace Nava18 days ago
Beware of Huskies!
My Mom and I were living in a one bedroom apartment for about five years, and eventually we had to move to a house where we would be able to have our own room and privacy. Not only was I excited about...
Kristen Welton23 days ago
The Most Misunderstood Breed of Dog
So let’s face it, when you hear Pitbull, what do you think? Not trustworthy? Not recommended to be a family dog? Most aggressive? Whatever it may be, I'm here to say they're completely wrong! I recent...
My Service Dog Happens to Be a Pitbull
In August of 2015, I was a junior in college who had just moved into my first big girl apartment in New York City. Excited with this new found freedom and thinking I was finally a responsible adult, I...
Misunderstood Dogs
Specific dog breeds nowadays, especially Pit Bulls, are considered aggressive all over the world because of how they look. But let me ask you a question. Does that dog look aggressive, mean, evil, dan...
Nathalie knight3 months ago
What the Shorkie!?
Are shorkies a good breed to have? Yes. Absolutely. Shorkies are family-oriented and loyal to their families. They have excellent memory and very intelligent mindsets. They are very easy to train and ...
Daisy Howarth3 months ago
Why Breed Standards Are Bullshit
I always grew up with dogs. As a baby, we had a “Heinz 57” type mongrel called Gazza, who would permanently be by my side according to my parents. If I started crying, he would go and get my mum and m...
Kelsey Lange4 months ago
10 of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds
When considering a new addition to your family, discovering the most loyal dog breeds might help you decide which dog would fit your family the best. From Labrador Retrievers to Boxers, each of these ...
Monica Bennett4 months ago
Can you die from an overdose of cuteness? My daughter and I both own King Charles Cavaliers. These are dangerous critters if you have things to do or places to go. Their plan of attack is to immobiliz...
Jennifer Violet4 months ago
10 of the Easiest Dog Breeds to Train
Whether you already have a pup, or considering getting your hands on one, some of us want to train our dogs to learn awesome tricks and skills. From balancing a biscuit on their nose to hopping on one...
Nancy D4 months ago
Top Ten Best Dog Breeds
And Why They Are Awesome
Aubrein Gimel4 months ago
Why an Akita?
It was around my one-year anniversary that a best friend of mine had told me he was selling puppies. I asked what breed of dog they were and he said, "Akitas." Honestly, I'd never heard of Akitas unti...
Dan McGinnis5 months ago
The American Dingo
Meet Bayleigh. She's my three-year old American Dingo, or Carolina Dog, that I adopted from a rescue when she was barely six months old. From the moment I saw her photo on the internet, I knew this wa...
Michael Ugulini5 months ago
5 Wonderful Qualities of Norfolk Terriers
There exist arrays of dog breeds with unique characteristics that endear them to their respective owners. Whether purebreds or mixed breeds, dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors are certainly the bes...
Landon Hodge5 months ago
Pit Bulls As Pets
Pit bull—now take a moment and think about those two words. I bet you think mean and scary. In reality pit bulls aren't mean and scary. Pit bulls should be kept as pets because they used to have a goo...
Karl Twigg5 months ago
The Misunderstandings of Staffordshire Bull Terriers
So many people who hear the word “Staffordshire bull terrier” instantly think that these dogs are dangerous, unruly, and cannot be controlled... This could not be any further from the truth! As a staf...
Mj Hutzenbiler5 months ago
Great Danes
Thinking about adding a new family member? Are you leaning towards a Great Dane? Well, here are some things you need to consider before adopting such a large breed. First off, they are a large breed. ...
Sarah Parish5 months ago
Great Pyrenees
The Great Pyrenees are very big, family friendly dogs. They are often referred to as "a sheep dog" and are the perfect dog for hearding farm animals for farmers or ranchers. The dogs are very good as ...