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Aubrein Gimel16 days ago
Why an Akita?
It was around my one-year anniversary that a best friend of mine had told me he was selling puppies. I asked what breed of dog they were and he said, "Akitas." Honestly, I'd never heard of Akitas unti...
Dan McGinnis19 days ago
The American Dingo
Meet Bayleigh. She's my three-year old American Dingo, or Carolina Dog, that I adopted from a rescue when she was barely six months old. From the moment I saw her photo on the internet, I knew this wa...
Michael Ugulini20 days ago
5 Wonderful Qualities of Norfolk Terriers
There exist arrays of dog breeds with unique characteristics that endear them to their respective owners. Whether purebreds or mixed breeds, dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors are certainly the bes...
Landon Hodgea month ago
Pit Bulls As Pets
Pit bull—now take a moment and think about those two words. I bet you think mean and scary. In reality pit bulls aren't mean and scary. Pit bulls should be kept as pets because they used to have a goo...
Karl Twigga month ago
The Misunderstandings of Staffordshire Bull Terriers
So many people who hear the word “Staffordshire bull terrier” instantly think that these dogs are dangerous, unruly, and cannot be controlled... This could not be any further from the truth! As a staf...
Mj Hutzenbilera month ago
Great Danes
Thinking about adding a new family member? Are you leaning towards a Great Dane? Well, here are some things you need to consider before adopting such a large breed. First off, they are a large breed. ...
Sarah Parisha month ago
Great Pyrenees
The Great Pyrenees are very big, family friendly dogs. They are often referred to as "a sheep dog" and are the perfect dog for hearding farm animals for farmers or ranchers. The dogs are very good as ...
Alix McCormick2 months ago
What I've Learned From Owning a Shiba Inu
So on June 8, 2016, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I were at a pet store so we could just play with a few puppies. We weren't thinking about bringing one home. That is until they brought Lucy ...
Sierra George2 months ago
Best Cat Breeds for First Time Owners
There is a cat out there for everyone, allergic to cat dander? Try a hypoallergenic Russian Blue, want a hairless cat? Get a Sphynx. But if this is your first cat baby, it can be a bit overwhelming in...
Sabrina Persona2 months ago
The Truth About the Ferocious Pit Bull
I’m sure most of you have heard stories of how dangerous and aggressive “Pit Bulls” are. Some people say they can even lock their jaws after biting down on something, causing a grip so deadly none can...
E ☄ 2 months ago
10 Top Tips for Boxer Owners
Are you looking to become first-time dog parents? Or maybe you've had a dog before but this time are looking to get a Boxer? Research is important before buying any breed. In this article, you will se...
Neve Hood3 months ago
Siberian Husky Myths
Siberian huskies are probably one of the most recognizable and widely known breeds of dog of the planet. Sadly, however, this popularity of the breed has paved the way for many myths and lies about th...
Ambry'on James3 months ago
A 'Pug'-tual Personality
Sometimes I think to myself, "Is this normal? Are other pugs like this?" After doing a little interweb searching I found out that he isn't the only wacky pug.
Bianca Johnson3 months ago
Don't Judge a Dog Before You Know Them
Pitbulls: man's best friend, just another animal, or the enemy? Pitbulls are the most misunderstood breed of dog. American Pitbull Terrier — this is one of the many names of the Pitbull. Pitbulls have...
Just Jane3 months ago
The Ups And Downs of Adopting A Siberian Husky
For years, my husband and I have wanted to adopt a husky puppy. We have always admired the breed and their strength. We think they are majestic and wild. The fact that they can adapt to the coldest of...
Ashleigh Klemetson4 months ago
I have a Pit bull-Boxer named Lola. She just turned four in October 2017. She is still as innocent and as happy as she was before she was even fully grown. She loves to stick by my side all the time. ...
Julian R Hillis4 months ago
Pitbulls & Dog Bites
As soon as you hear the would pit bull most people immediately jump on the bandwagon about how they are aggressive dogs, they bite and so on, but so does the innocent little Jack Russell or Husky. So ...