Our guide to animal adoption; learn why, where, and how to prepare to adopt a cat, kitten, dog or puppy from an animal shelter or rescue group.

Britney Clayton17 days ago
The Hidden Responsibilities of Owning a Pet
Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. There’s a lot of things you don’t think about when you’re considering becoming a dog or cat parent. Committing to owning a pet is committing to a whole...
Shawna Kinleya month ago
It was a rainy, cold afternoon, the wind was blowing, and it was definitely not a day that I wanted to go grocery shopping. It was one of those days that I could have stayed in bed all day, like many ...
Teresa Marangona month ago
Why I Choose Adoption Over Purchasing
Hello readers, My name is Teresa and I am the proud pawrent of three beautiful fur babies/rescues: Pops, Lily, and Cooper. And to be honest, I am truly blessed to have them in my family. Lily is appro...
Mark Bkloa month ago
10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt From an Animal Shelter
Are you deciding whether or not to adopt a pet? Let’s discuss why you might want to because, in the following, you’ll discover the benefits of adopting from an animal shelter, including adding a healt...
Laura Gieg2 months ago
Squee’s New Home
The trip "home"—time has no meaning for cats like us—not like humans. We eat when our tummies say we’re hungry, we sleep when we’re tired, we play when we have bursts of energy... I can’t tell you exa...
Grace Hanamoto2 months ago
Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog
In my lifetime, I've been fortunate that five dogs have consented to live with me—not an easy feat, if you knew me in real life. The first dog was a Beagle Terrier mix puppy that was adopted by my fam...
Hannah Johnson2 months ago
My Job Sucks
I just started a new job as the kennel manager for an animal rescue group called Pawsafe. From the moment I met my boss and heard her talk about this rescue, I knew it was the right fit for me. I coul...
Mike Marsden-Hill4 months ago
I first set eyes on Cody in a cage in a pet rescue shelter, in a town 10kms from my home. I was looking for a dog to be a guard dog and pet. There were other dogs in other cages better fit for the rol...
Lori Brizius7 months ago
After working for years in animal shelters and rescue, I have seen things I wish I could forget. Sometimes, we need to focus on the positive and learn from the negative. We MUST educate the public and...
Jessye Gould9 months ago
Adoption Number Three
Well, folks, we've expanded our family again. We have another boy in our midst. He came to us by way of a family whose cat had kittens and they couldn't keep the babies. It was a spur of the moment de...
Laura Jelsma10 months ago
Animal Shelter Staff Worker
I used to work at an animal shelter. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re so lucky, you get to play with puppies and kitties all day.” If by playing you mean cleaning litter boxes, spraying out kennel...
Mollie Underwood10 months ago
Why You Should Actually Support 'Kill Shelters'
I know, I know... am I crazy?! Support places that murder healthy animals? It sounds ridiculous when you say it like that, but hear me out. First off, we need to dive into what a "kill shelter" even i...
Brandy Letourneau10 months ago
One day while I was at work, I received a text from my fiancé. It was a picture of a dog. When I asked whose dog it was, he replied with, "I found her on the side of the road and spent an hour trying ...
Paige Jones10 months ago
What Adoption Means to Me
Our Adventures with the Dog Who Chose Us
stacie johnsen10 months ago
The Love of a Rescue Pitt Bull
Everyone scrolls through Facebook when they are bored or have nothing to do, and I am no different. I tend to scroll through Facebook to see what everyone is doing that I grew up with or to see what d...
Kat Hertz10 months ago
She Picked Us
In September of 2016, my fiancé and I welcomed our very first 'fur child.' We, at the time, were renting the basement apartment of my future in-laws and, like children, we begged and begged to have a ...
Jlynn Sheaks10 months ago
Adopting a pet was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was a great experience to be able to choose a pet that worked well with my children and me and to make sure that we found the right on...
Ericka deann10 months ago
The Best Day Ever
When I was 15 years old, my older sister decided to get a dog, while my childhood dog was 13 years old. My sisters and I needed a new companion to love when Clarabelle passes away. We begged my dad fo...