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Stop Killing Wolves and Start Aiding Dogs

Wolves: Man’s Long Lost Best Friend

Are humans really superior?

We have long rejected the powerful species that is the wolves. We have used them and never re-payed them. They joined us long ago, and in turn we domesticated them into a species that is now known as the canine (dog). We have now rejected dogs as we now reject wolves. We must protect them as they have helped us. We must appreciate the work that wolves have done for us. They are not a threat to us, we are a threat to them. Humans claim to be the superior race, it’s time to act like it. We have brains, we are able to directly help animals in need, but instead we lead them into extinction. I see no superiority in that. 

We use wolves for their fur, and simply hunt them because wretched humans have claimed it a sport. We use dogs for therapy and wars, and never truly repay them for their work. Those who have dogs at home but hunt wolves forget where dogs came from. Dogs did not magically appear one day, they were made by man-kind. Wolves aided human beings in hunting and served as guards. Over the years humans began to breed wolves for their specific needs and in turn different breeds of dogs were born. 

We use animals for our own selfish desires and never own up to our actions. We claim to be the superior race capable of doing the impossible. We have yet to respect animals for what they are, living beings. We have to protect the wolves, as they were the first “man’s best friend.” We have to stop abusing dogs and start aiding them as it was us who created them. We are the creators of dogs and we should start taking care of them as we should. Wolves should not be treated as strangers as once they were our very best friend. 

We continue to invade animal territory and kill them in order to protect ourselves. We go into wolf territory and claim wolves are the threat when we are invading their home. There is no real reason why humans kill wolves, there are only excuses. With our advanced technology we should not need wolf fur. Their coat is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, so why should humans use it as a luxury? The answer is we shouldn’t. 

There is no humanity in killing innocent animals. There is no humanity left in us. As time goes by humans pose a bigger threat. It is humans whom are bringing our earth to an end, not animals. Animals have been on earth long before humans. We are not as superior as we claim to be. 

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Stop Killing Wolves and Start Aiding Dogs
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