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Snow Angels

Ella and Abby: Best Friends

These are my angel doggies in heaven. Ella was a beautiful outside German Shepherd who was the very first dog I ever remember getting as a family. She wanted nothing to do with the indoors unless it was storming outside, since it usually led her to be pretty anxious. Every guest that had to pass her metal gate would be intimidated by her noisy and promising bark. While she did an outstanding job of making it seem the opposite, she would never hurt a fly. That could never be her. We had Ella for 12 years and she passed suddenly overnight, more than likely due to heart problems that we had no idea about.

Abby is on the right. While I wish I could perfectly describe her breed to you, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. We called Abby our "West Virginia Brown Dog." We have some clues as to what she may have been (DNA wise), but we are not certain. Our guesses never got better than Saint Bernard, Bull Mastiff, Boxer, and German Shepherd mix. She could be anything—but she was made mostly of love. Abby was unlike any dog we have ever had. Like most dogs we have owned, Abby was a rescue dog and she showed her undying appreciation for us every day as if she knew we saved her life. I got Abby for my 10th birthday and I was ecstatic. This past summer, Abby just had one bad day and never got better. Within a week of that "bad day," she passed (also due to heart issues).

We have since rescued a new puppy, who saved us equally as much as we saved her. Her name is Ellie, and she looks scarily like our Abby girl, which is what initially drew her to our hearts. We looked at her as a reincarnated version of our Abby. Although, as time passes, we have realized we can't hold anybody to Abby's standard, no matter how alike they seem. I also have since learned that Ellie is her own dog, with her own heart, her own preferences, and her own quirky characteristics. There is no comparing of two pets, as they all are beautiful in their own way.

Ella and Abby (pictured above) were best friends for all eight years they had spent together. Playing in the snow was their absolute favorite thing, aside from each other.

I like to think it is snowing in doggie heaven.

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Snow Angels
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