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Losing a pet is never easy.

Roxy 2007-2019

Roxy reflected with happiness all the memories she shared with her human family as well as the many other fur-babies living with her and her family. The times she shared with all of them was rare and special. Roxy loved and cherished every one of those moments. She knew her time was coming to an end, but she also knew she had lived a full and happy life, constantly surrounded by family who loved her unconditionally.

She thought about her fur-sister and best friend, Chloe. Roxy knew Chloe would miss her tremendously. They would no longer be able to share in their hugs, embracing the others back, with their neck, forming the perfect doggy hug. Roxy would miss their hide and seek games, as she always knew Chloe was hiding somewhere under the covers. Roxy loved her sister and knew she would be okay.

Roxy knew that their fur-brother, Charlie would be there to continue giving Chloe all the hugs and kisses she needed. The three of them were the doggy version of the Three Musketeers, always causing some crazy and fun shenanigans, giving the perfect opportunities, to put smiles on their human families faces. She would miss trotting through the grass with them, causing endless entertainment for everyone.

With her eldest fur-sister, being quite old for a dog, she knew Honey Bear would be joining her in the near future. Laughing to herself, Roxy remembered how she would grab on to Honey’s tail when they were younger, as Honey pranced through their big back yard, chasing after one of the cats or their human child, who grew up with Roxy.

Ollie, her eldest fur-brother would no longer be able to give her slobber baths. She knew Ollie loved her dearly, as he treated her like she was his baby. Roxy loved his kisses and even loved those wet slobber baths. She would miss his playful barks when he wanted attention from their humans. One day, he too would join her—along with all the other fur-family in her life.

Roxy thought on about her human family. She was thankful for how well they treated her and knew they would take her loss extremely hard. They would no longer have their little fur-baby in their lives. Roxy reminisced about the many special bonds she had developed with her family, throughout their 11 years together.

Her human brother and sisters would miss so many of the things they did with Roxy. Her eldest sister, would remember the hide and seek game they would play in the hall. Every time her sister would walk down the hall, Roxy knew she would be remembered. Her youngest human sister would miss the mother-like quality Roxy had with all the little animals in the household. Especially the kittens the family had just welcomed last month. Those kittens would now be a reminder of the sweetness she showed. Then there was her human brother, who always made sure to give her special attention. She loved rolling over in his arms and getting all the love and attention she could handle.

Then there were her human parents. Oh, they were the best parents she could have asked for. Roxy knew she had won the human lottery there. Dad always let her cuddle under the covers with him when mom was at work or away from the house. He also always made sure she had food and water. He was an amazing dad to her.

Most of all, she would miss her human mom. Her mom was an angel in disguise, always telling Roxy what a good girl she was. The hugs and kisses were endless. She cuddled in bed with her mom every night, getting the love and affection that every dog (especially Roxy) deserves. Mom was always amazed by anything and everything Roxy did. Her mom was going to have the hardest time of all, but in the end, she knew her mom would be okay.

Roxy fought as hard as she could to stay alive, but she knew it was time. All the memories gave her the comfort she needed to know that she was loved by the best family she could have ever imagined. After spending one last night of hugs and kisses with all of her loved ones, she was ready.

After she passed, she was greeted by the first fur-sister she ever had, Daisy. Along with Daisy, there were other animals her family had loved and cherished before. Daisy gave her kisses, happy to have her friend there with her. Doggy heaven was everything Roxy had hoped for, with an endless field for her to play in and all the pink toys and blankets she could dream of.


          Although your life was full but short,

          The journey and memories will always last.                                       

 Every kiss and hug will not be forgotten,

Every game and wag of your tail will be                                                                                     remembered.

                     We love you and miss you.

                      - Your Human Family