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Pet to Family - Are You Ready?

Are they Mystique, too?

Source: Internet

I remember the day he came; my sister screamed in surprise for it was a dream come true for her. After years of her deliberation, she got what she wanted—a dog. He was smelly since you know it is impossible to take care of each and every animal in adoption since they are innumerable. Like many others, he too was an adoption failure because of his aggressive  nature. Though I loved him, I felt jealous because my parents heard her desire but not mine. Slowly and gradually that hatred was turned into love. Then, we had a relationship purely out of love. As the course of time went by, he became closer to his end until he slept on my mother's lap forever. It was then I realized that all those silent sobs and swollen eyes were not for a pet but for a brother.

It is funny, right, how two different types of species form a bond so tight, right?

I mean, they're better than Mystique at transformation despite being powerless. It is a relatively common topic portrayed in numerous films, novels, and even music! We easily get attached to it for it is in our human nature. But what often is not shown is the emptiness of their late pet's family. Even after they're gone, they still cannot believe it. It feels like they're present in their usual spots to the extent that even their photos move as if to depict they're alive.

Maybe the reason we get so connected to them is because of love, the ability to give more love than anyone can ask for especially from their innocent eyes. They have this unique power that can cheer you up within a second. They will defend you from being hit from your angry parent and you'll defend them from people who utter anything against them. It is a relation of give and take in such a manner that it excludes any family drama. You scold them, you pet them, you make them feel special. They make you feel special, too—something that everyone likes to be reminded about. Surrounded by humans, they as well adopt a similar lifestyle like you. Not in their diet, of course, for most of us are strict about their nutrition intake. The habit of placing their head on something soft, say a pillow, sleeping on a bed and sitting on a sofa; no matter how often you say to them not to, they will do it regardless as they are a rebel like you.

It all happens so slowly that often we don't realize it. Their mischievous acts make us laugh. Their adorable faces make us love them even more. The things that make them different soon are incorporated in our daily routine. But once they are gone, we miss those daily acts the most. 

It feels as if a chunk of our heart has also gone. At first, it feels as if it's a prank pulled by them to gain attention but every moment that passes by which makes the body stiffer is unbearable to witness. Their usual things are no longer the usual things of the house but in our memories. 

You know what, I don't need to tell you what it feels like because you will maybe someday experience the grief in your own special ways. Maybe the things I said will be false according to your experiences but these are what I felt. Despite our differences, we will feel something in common—pain. The pain of losing someone you love. No, it is not a typo error because love never dies—actually it does but that's a topic for another day. The point is, if you had a relationship out of love then you will miss them terribly.

So, if you are considering adopting one, think again for the pain is unbearable but worthy enough to feel every single drop of it for all the memorable moments they brought to your mundane life.

Advice: Don't treat them as toys no matter how much they look like one. Be responsible.

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Pet to Family - Are You Ready?
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