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Owning a Cat

The best things about having a cat...

My Sassy Little Girl, Polly

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. I couldn't keep two fish alive. But for some random reason I decided to adopt a cat. I knew there was a large chance it would be a bad idea. But boy was I wrong.

I adopted her in 2017 from an RSPCA centre. She was the most timid, shy cat in the place. She was from a multiple cat home and she always lost the battle with other cats for food and attention so she isn't very big. She is an indoor cat for her own safety. She is easily the best decision I have made.

Many people say how cat's are cold and careless, which to a certain point they can be. But I am a very lucky cat owner. She is clumsy, cuddly, and extremely affectionate. She can't settle until she knows which room I am in and whether I am staying there. If I am on the move so is she, she is my little side kick. She helps with chores, we nap together and she is currently over seeing and helping me write this, which is part of the reason for so many kind words.

The advantage to having a cat is they look after them selves. Very independent as I know most people know. Having an indoor cat is obviously a little bit more work but completely worth it. Litter trays and making sure she has stuff to play with so she doesn't get bored. Luckily for us and our banks account cats sleep many hours of the day.

Entertaining: Cats a hilarious to watch! From trying to catch nothing in mid air, to running around the house like a headless chicken. Along with the entertainment aspect of owning a cat comes the helpful bug catching act. I don't have a single bug in my home because she catches anything and everything that moves and is smaller than her. My feet under the duvet are no exception.

Now that she has fallen asleep and is not helping me out, there are the negatives. The noises that make you think there is a robbery taking place in your home, but it turns out your cat thinks she is a ninja. Changing the cat litter. If you have an indoor cat that is, if they are able to go out then extra points to you. The random attacks of your feet and hands, everything really, cats take no prisoners. They will attack any limb you have. Also having a cuddly and affectionate cat may sound like a lovely thing to have; not at three in the morning. Although having some company when going to to the toilet is not always that bad.

If you can afford and are able to, I would completely recommend getting a cat. They are independent and great company. You have the freedom to go out with your friends for the evening without having to worry about your pet at home because they are probably asleep or playing with a random straw they have found somewhere. And I will always recommend adopting from an animal rescue centre. Every animal is a blessing and should be treated like one, in their very own family.

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Owning a Cat
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