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Odin: A Dog's Story

My Story of Being Adopted

I'm not too sure where I exactly came from, somewhere in the south I believe. I wasn't loved, didn't have a name, or a home. Soon my life was going to change for the better. Before I knew it I was being transported up north to a new home. However, my new home was in a crate in a rescue. The people were really nice. I was given blankets, a toy, and a name. 

Hi, I'm Bandit, a mix of Anatolian Shepard, boxer, and possibly pit bull—no one is 100 percent positive on what kind of dog I am. I do, however, finally have a name! I've been told I'm a good boy and that I'm a very special dog, and that I would find a forever family in no time. A forever family? I wonder what that meant? 

After a few weeks two lovely ladies came in; they were looking for a puppy! They went into this little room. Before I knew it, a leash was being put onto me. I entered a room, and to my surprise it was the room the two girls went into. 

"AWW hi puppy!" exclaimed the one girl who I think was the daughter. 

"He's a very handsome boy," the mother said as I plopped down on the floor in between them. As I was chewing my leash I was receiving pets and compliments. The mother was talking to the one lady and after ten minutes, the mom said we're taking him home. I didn't think much of this since I was chewing on the leash and it tasted pretty good. I was back in my crate hanging out talking to my pal next to me. The girl who was in the room with me came over to my crate. 

"Hi buddy, you're coming home with us today, to your forever home." There it is again that statement, forever home, I wonder what that means. 

Anyways the girl was petting me through the cage while another people were looking at me and said they wanted to see me. The human girl would tell people "Oh, he's being adopted," she said with a smile on her face. I saw her picking out toys and bones. I was getting excited. Before I knew it I was taken out of my crate and had a leash on me. My new mom scooped me up and my human sister gave me a big kiss on the head. We smiled for a photo before I left the rescue for good. 

We headed out the door, emerging into the great big world, and they let me sniff around before putting me into a car. "Wow this is great!" A big comfy chair!" The daughter was sitting in the back with me to keep me company. It was a long ride home but I loved it. I was getting so many pets. They were saying different names, a new name? But I'm Bandit? They made a stop to get human food. 

"Leo, Cash, Sully, Griffin?" stated the young girl. 

"Ugh, what kind of names are those?" I thought. 

"Odin?" she said. I looked up at her, "Now that's what I call a name!" The mom came back into the car. 

"Mama, I said all the names to him, but when I said Odin he looked at me, so there's his new name!" 

"Yeah Odin, I like that," said my new human mom. We finally reached my new home; there is so much grass to run around in and play in!!! An older man, who I'm assuming is my new human dad, came out of the house. 

"Hi buddy, how ya doing?" he exclaimed. I was so excited I couldn't contain myself! 

"His new name Odin!" my human sister said with excitement. We played, i ate, and napped and had the best time ever. As the day came to an end, I curled up next to my sister and gave her kisses as she gently pet my head.

"Welcome home, Odin," she said.  

"I'm home. I have found my forever family," I thought, drifting off to sleep.

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Odin: A Dog's Story
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