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New Kitten


Binx (10 Weeks Old)

If you had asked me six months ago if I would be getting another cat after my childhood cat had passed away, I would have told you that you were insane. I had Julien for more than half of my life. We grew up together, and as weird as it may sound, he was the closest thing to a "sibling" that I could have had. When he died back in March, I was sure that I would never get another cat. I didn't want to feel like I was replacing him. Then Binx was born.

One of my best friends had just gotten a new cat in September not knowing that it was pregnant. When she found out that she was, she asked me if I wanted to have one. I immediately told her that I wasn't ready. It was just too soon. After a couple of weeks she asked me again, I jokingly said, "If she has an all black baby, I'll take one. But I highly doubt that she will have an all black kitten."

Another two or three weeks pass, and in the middle of October, Marla had her kittens, and wouldn't you know it, the first of two kittens was born and he was all black. As soon as he was born, my friend sent me pictures of the little one. That's when I knew, I had decided that it was meant to be. I decided to hold my end of the bargain and told her that I wanted him.

After he was born, I had some trouble deciding what to name him. Being that he was all black, I obviously wanted to name him one of those cliche black cat names. I played around with a few different names such as Stormie and Salem. Ultimately, I decided to name him Binx after my favorite witch movie as a child. I found that it was the most fitting name for him and I wanted him to have a spooky, Halloween vibe.

Flash forward eight weeks later and it was finally time to bring Binx home and I was nervous. After all, he was my first cat after Julien passed away, and he was also my first kitten that I would have to raise myself. I was worried about how my two year old lab, Luna would react to him as well. She has never been around a kitten. So after taking him to the pet store and getting his supplies, I brought him home and introduced him to Luna. She surprised me to be honest. Of course she was very excited and wanted to jump all over him, but after a few minutes she was licking and playing with the little one.

The first couple days he was very shy, hiding under the furniture, but he did sleep in my arms. By day number three he was running around the house, climbing the curtains, playing with the tree ornaments, and chasing Luna's tail. I started seeing his personality come through more and more. He is a very humorous little dude, with crazy bouts of energy and wild eyes, and I absolutely love it.

So in conclusion, I think that Binx is good for me. He's got so much personality and there is never a dull moment at all. Although I was scared that I was going to be replacing Julien, Binx is an all new character. I can't wait for him to grow up and to learn more about him.

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Chant Luna
Chant Luna

25 year-old ball of stress... Hoping to use this as an outlet for my stress, anxiety, and literally just about anything. Let's see what happens.

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New Kitten
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