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Nala’s Thoughts

An Interpretation of My Dog's Thoughts About Her Day-to-Day Life...

I find myself wondering quite a bit about what my dog (Nala) thinks about. Like what goes on in her head when she finds her bone underneath the couch or when she runs around in circles in the middle of the living room or even when she lays down next to me for the six hours that I work every day. She’s got a big personality, so I’m positive that she doesn’t have boring thoughts. Well here is my interpretation of just a few of Nala’s thoughts on daily occurrences based on her facial expressions and emotions when dealing with these occurrences in first person.

I figured I’ll go chronological with this and start with her morning:

Nala: “Gosh, I really hope they wake up soon because I’m hungry and I have to PEE...Maybe if I hit the crate with my paw a couple times they’ll hear it and wake up!” 

*Bangs on crate door with paw and moans loudly*

I let Nala out to eat around 9:50 Am.

Nala: *stretches* “Bout time you woke up, I’ve been waiting for decades, I thought you might be dead... I’m hungry, let’s eat!”

*Inhales her food as if she has never eaten before*

Nala: “Alright time to do the ushe. Got to go sit by this door so she’ll take me outside...Alright mom, I’m ready!”

*Sits patiently until the door opens and then runs full force to the grass outside*

Nala: “ahhhhhhhhh.. that’s nice. Ya know mom, I really had to go! Do you smell that?! Oh wow, do you see that?! The wind feels good against my nose.. okay I’m ready to go in now mom.”

I sit down to start work after letting her outside. By this time she’s trying to find one of her bones that she always puts under the couch.

Nala: “I left this dang bone somewhere, if only I could remember where...” 

*Flops on the floor and begins her search under the couch*

Nala: “Well shoot, I always do this. It’s too far back for me to reach. If only I had opposable thumbs, that would make things sooo much easier. Mom help!” 

I help Nala get her bone like every other day and tell her to not leave it under the couch, hoping she understands, knowing she never will.

Nala: “Thanks mom, much appreciated! This bone is awesome, you’re awesome, everyone is awesome! But this bone is the most awesome. Oh my goSH IM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE HERE, ITS SO EXCITING, THIS BONE GIVES ME SO MUCH ENERGY I JUST CANT CONTAIN MYSELF. Oh we go.”

*Starts to zoom around the living room in circles(we call it her “doing her rounds”). Flops down in exhaustion after three laps around the ottoman.*

Nala: “I really need to get that under control.. hmmm, I think I’ll go lay next to mom and take a quick nap because I’m pooped!”

*Falls asleep and starts to dream little puppy dreams*

I’m usually done working around four, when I’m finished, I get up and feed Nala her dinner

Nala: "That nap was A1. Mom what’re you doin’? Oh snap, that’s my food! Mom, you’re the best! I love food.”

*Finishes food, makes beeline for the door.*

I take Nala to go outside after her dinner, she does her business then heads inside. About this time is when my boyfriend comes home from work.

*Hears door open, starts freaking out*


We lounge around a while until we go to sleep. 

Nala: “I love cuddling, but I also love my bone. I’m going to go get my bone! I want to show you my bone!”

*Gets up to get her bone. Proceeds to drop it a couple times(during this she has jumped on and off the bed several times)*

I then tell Nala it’s time to go to bed, she hesitantly walks to her crate trying to guilt trip me into letting her take over the bed.

Nala: “If I look cute she won’t make me go to sleep in my crate.. okayyyyy, cue cuteness!..ugh, worth a shot. Mom will you be here tomorrow? Tomorrow is too long! I can’t wait!”

*Walks in a circle and plops down to go to sleep*

Goodnight Nala

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Nala’s Thoughts
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