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My Favorite Products for Big Dogs

Toys, Leash, and Harness

I find that the best brand of toys, leashes, and harnesses to get your big dog are the ones made by Kong! I have a Pitbull mix and she can rip apart any toy you give her in a matter of seconds. It's amazing to watch how she does it, but the mess she makes is awful. Also, if she were to ever ingest any of the cotton or materials from the toys, it could harm her and it will cost a lot of money to take her to the vet. Also, due to the Pitbull breed, she tends to be very strong, so I needed a heavy duty leash and harness for her. 

My go-to product and brand have been Kong! I find Kong has the best, most durable toys, harnesses and leashes. My grandmother recently asked why Mika has no toys, I told her that Mika chews through them in a matter of seconds and for that reason, most toys are not safe for her. I later told her if she wanted to get a toy for Mika, the best toys would be ones that are rubber, or plastic and meant to be chewed on.

I recommended that she look for toys made by Kong. I find that Kong has tried to research dog breeds in order to make sure they create toys for all breeds, especially breeds that can rip through anything. Kong makes bones that allows your dog to chew on them, and get treats! This is great for trying to get your dog to stop chewing on your things! Since Mika got her Kong bone she has chewed some pieces off of it but the bone is still hanging strong. Sometimes I think she has given up on trying to chew through it!

I also use Kong's Leash and Harness. Of course, I chose to buy a bright pink or purple set! it is bright enough that even at night if the light shines on it you can see Mika. I chose to use the Kong brand due to how they have chosen to design the leash and harness. The leash is thick and you have areas for your hand to walk the dog. If you want your dog to be able to wander around ahead of you or off to the side, you have the long part of the leash or top handle. Part way down, the leash there is another handle. This handle allows for you to keep your dog close to you or if you see another dog, and yours is aggressive, keeps them at a safe distance.

The harness is a great thick material just like the leash. It fits well to the dog's body and is easy to adjust. The strong thick material is good if your dog is strong and can easily free itself from their harness. Also, if your dog likes to chew on your harness to get out of it, since the material is thick, it will be a never-ending process for your pooch to get out, eventually causing them to give up the chewing out of the harness and accept it. The harness also has a handle on it, for tricky situations. Let's say you are walking down the street and you run into another dog owner, one dog is well behaved and trained and the other not so much. The untrained dog may attack, the handle could prevent a serious attack from happening. You can either pick up the dog by the harness and remove it from danger, or you can hold the harness and pry the dog away from the other one, preventing any major damage.

When it comes to my dog's needs specific to her breed type, I always go Kong! Kong has the most durable, strong, well tested, and well thought out products for big breeds with a strong body and jaw. Also, you can give your small and medium-sized dogs these toys, leashes, and harness.

Kong Leash

KONG® Comfort Traffic Dog Leash | dog Leashes | PetSmart
KONG® Comfort Traffic Dog Leash at PetSmart. Shop all dog leashes online

Kong Harness

KONG® Reflective Pocket Dog Harness | dog Harnesses | PetSmart
KONG® Reflective Pocket Dog Harness at PetSmart. Shop all dog harnesses online

Kong Bone

KONG® Goodie Bone™ Treat Dispensing Dog Toy | dog Interactive Toys | PetSmart
KONG® Goodie Bone™ Treat Dispensing Dog Toy at PetSmart. Shop all dog interactive toys online
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My Favorite Products for Big Dogs
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