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Misunderstood Dogs

No Such Thing As an Aggressive Breed!

Specific dog breeds nowadays, especially Pit Bulls, are considered aggressive all over the world because of how they look. But let me ask you a question. Does that dog look aggressive, mean, evil, dangerous, or unloving? NO!

In the image above I see an AMAZING bond between dog and baby. You can see the love deep in the dog's eyes and almost see into its soul. The dog just wants to love its owners and be loved. I know for a fact that dog would do everything in its power to protect its people!

Today, there are many other breeds thrown into the category labeled "aggressive breeds." As a dog lover, this is incredibly heart-breaking for me because all dogs are "man's best friend!" Dogs no matter their breeds will always be my best friend. I have been around all kinds and have been kissed and snuggled by every breed including the Pit Bull, but not the Chihuahua. Most of those little things are ankle biters! The biggest, most common reason why Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepards, etc are shoved under that label without a second glance is because they are literally judged by how they look and not for what they are! The saying "Never judge a book by its cover," comes to mind. People don't take a moment to get to know a dog before they label it a bad aggressive breed.

In reality, there is no such thing as an aggressive dog breed. There are some aggressive dogs due to significant factors, such as how dogs are treated, cared for, and how the dog is controlled. Dogs that often lash out and attack people have not been socialized much, are not trained properly, and have a history of abuse or are being abused. They have feelings just like you and I, and for some odd reason some people are completely blind when the topic of dogs pops up.

Science does NOT prove specific dog breeds are aggressive, because not one thing about them is. It is not set in stone for one breed to be aggressive because of how they look, and it is not a part of their DNA or the blood that runs through their veins! It is true that “the Pit Bull dogs breed was bred for fighting,” and the original breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier that originated in 1889 was as well. Dogs, any Pit Bulls or dogs that resemble a Pit Bull, are known by that history and judged by it. After the 1970s, illegal dog fighting was at it's all-time high and when newspapers put dog fighting on their front page of every paper in America, different speculations were encouraged. Everyone today, due to rumors about the breed, are becoming more and more terrified when everyone just needs to become OPEN-MINDED! They need to realize that a dog should not be judged by their past or by how they look, but who they are as a dog! Each one is different and has their own personalities. For people who are thinking of getting a Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Husky, rottweilers, etc, get to know them. Find the perfect dog for you, your family, and your lifestyle. I personally hope to have a bunch of dogs someday and I'm thinking a Pit bull, Lab, Husky, German Shepard, etc. I would NEVER turn them away because of their breed! Why, you may ask? Because they, like our children, will always love us unconditionally more than they love themselves and more than we love ourselves.

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Misunderstood Dogs
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