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McComb Animal Shelter

Open House!

Ashton, a one year old red Pocket Pitbull, has the most beautiful smile!

Here's some paws-itively good news! The McComb Animal Shelter is hosting an open house on Thursday April 26 from 1:30-6:30 PM and we want you to come visit! The open house is to invite the community to observe the positive changes the shelter has undergone and to see our continued project goals as well as our beloved fur babies. As a daily volunteer at the shelter, I can say that the Animal Control staff are working extremely hard to prepare for this event. From hanging decorations to extensive cleaning, we're grooming our shelter and furry sweethearts for you to come and have a look-see!

McComb Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter located 125 East Michigan Avenue in McComb. On average, we have anywhere from 10-15 dogs and 5-10 cats on the premises at a time, and we have a constant flow of animals in and out of the shelter. Despite the continuous influx, we make sure each and every one of our animals is given the love and care they deserve. Each of them has their own personality. One of my personal favorites is Ashton, a red Pocket Pitbull who is convinced she is a lap dog. Some of our long-term residents include Red, a Red-Heeler mix who roamed the city of McComb. After four months, the Animal Control staff managed to capture him with determination and fried chicken. There's Molly, a gorgeous brindle Boxer mix who came to us nearly starved to death. Since her arrival, she has filled out to her natural body weight and she's happier than ever. And then we have Mama Renee, a Hound mix that was found tied underneath a house on New Years. She had three puppies that were only days old, but she was tied off too far to reach them. Now, her puppies have all found loving homes, and Mama Renee is awaiting her own!

Many people are shocked to hear of cases of animal abuse, but they are even more shocked when they learn how close it is occurring to them. The shelter has had countless cases of cruelty come in, and the Animal Control staff do their best to reprimand the abusers. We at the shelter treat the victims of abuse with tender care and make strong efforts to rehabilitate these animals and adopt them out to loving homes. April happens to be Prevention of Animal Cruelty Awareness Month, and there are ways you can show your support. For those involved in the welfare and treatment of animals, we display our support through the color orange. In celebration of the 152nd birthday of the very first animal cruelty law, April 10 is designated as "Go Orange Day." You can submit a photo of yourself wearing orange on April 10 to McComb Shelter's FaceBook page to show that you are against animal cruelty.

For those of you looking to adopt, the adoption fees are $55 ($50 if you live outside McComb city limits) for dogs and $30 for cats. We have a wide variety of dogs ranging from small dogs like Chihuahua and Dachshund mixes to larger dogs such as Hound and Labrador mixes. The majority of our dogs are prepared to be adopted and would love to come home with you. I personally have adopted a kitten from the shelter, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Even if you're unable to adopt at this time, come on by and see the animals! They are overjoyed when meeting new people, and who wouldn't want to play with our sweet furballs?

McComb Animal Shelter is open from 1:30-5 PM on Monday-Friday. Stop by during those times and meet our animals. And who knows, one of them may just find its way into your heart and your home!

Contact us at: (601)-684-3602 or @mccomb.shelter on FaceBook!

Madison VanNess
Madison VanNess

I'm a volunteer at McComb Animal Shelter in McComb, MS. In the three months I have been there, I've seen many things that have inspired me to raise awareness against animal cruelty. I hope to do this through my stories of these animals. 

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McComb Animal Shelter
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