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Luna the Chartreux

Her Story


Luna was born on November 5, 2017. It was about a week before February started. A couple had contacted me through Facebook asking to give their last kitten away. I hesitated. I was waiting on a response from someone else about a younger kitten. It was a tabby and she was about 8 weeks. I got so attached to the other kitty, a week went by and I forgot about Miss Luna. I never got a response, so I got back in touch with Luna's parents. I was glad to hear that they still had her and they were thrilled to know that I'd love to have her. After work on January 28, I went and picked her up. She was so sweet and fluffy. Her eyes were grey and so was her silver lined fur. After a few moments of chatter with her parents, we left. Luna's first place outside their house was Walmart. She helped me pick a few things out like toys and a bed. Of course she loves feathers and balls that jingle. After our first journey and time together we headed home. I got her settled in and fed her. She purred all night and slept in her new bed.

The next morning I awoke with her next to me just purring. I got up and fed her. Made sure she knew where everything was including the litter box and food bowls. I was lucky to have off work that day so we could bond. I watched a few movies and she just took a nap. Later that day I introduced some toys and she ran around the house. She was just a bundle of joy. Weeks went by and we finally went to the vet. Everything checked out and she was a healthy four pounds. I picked up a carrier for travels and some new wet food for her to try. She loved the wet food, not so much the carrier. She likes to sit on my shoulders while I'm doing stuff around the house and look around like she's on a perch. She likes to explore outside some days when it's nicer weather.

She was four months old on March 5. She turned out to be such a sweet heart and cuddle bug. Her tail is so fluffy and thick. I know for sure she's going to have just the most beautiful fur and tail any cat has had. Her eyes have turned a golden grey and some days they change color. Her personality is super calming and every time I leave she cries for me to come back. She has been using her bed everyday for naps and bedtime. She always meows when I come back home and wants me to pick her up, which I always do. There have been no messes on the floor yet and she's been really good about going in her litter box.

She still goes crazy for a jingle ball and feathers and loves her scratching post with infused catnip.  It's these moments when they're young that last forever.

Michael Campbell

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Luna the Chartreux
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