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Life of Bo

Adopt, don't shop.

Hi y'all! My name is Bo! I was born on July 7, 2017, and this is my story, starting with my mom.


It's early July. I am found on the side of the road by several people. I am scared, my belly is swollen, and I am alone. I am but a pup myself, at only eight months old, pregnant with many little ones who do not stop squirming in my tummy! I am very scared, but I do not try to bite anyone — just keep my belly low to the ground, where I can protect my babies, and wag my tail in hopes that these humans are kinder than those before who abandoned me.

A couple of weeks later, and I am in an unknown home. There are two other dogs: Sadie the pitbull, whom is old and I love very much, and Izzy the doberman, who is a baby, like me, and full and full of energy! I do not have that energy right now, because the babies in my belly steal all my energy away. The humans taking care of me love me very much though! They gave me blankets and a home and lots and lots of pets. I decide that I love them.

July 7, 2017. It's early morning, and I start having puppies. I push and push and they keep coming out! It does not stop until there are nine little puppies wiggling around.

Maggie (mom) with Pixel (her littlest baby).

I am very exhausted, but my job is far from over. I now have to feed and clean and protect all of these small little puppies until I know they are safe and that the humans can properly take care of them. And I do. I must have done a very good job at being a mom, because all nine puppies got adopted out, and the humans that took care of me decided to keep me and the runt of my litter, which they named Pixel! Pixel's human had a friend that came around, and she adopted one of my sons, whom she named Bo. Bo comes over all the time and I get to watch him and Pixel play, but I don't really like participating. I have enough time with my children to last a lifetime! I am so glad that I found humans who love me!


I learned so many things in the three and a half months I've lived so far! I know how to sit, look at my human, not chew on things I'm not supposed to, and I'm almost potty trained! I like to play with my human's other dogs, Cooper and Pippin, and I am such a good cuddler! My human even loves taking me to one of her jobs, an antique store where I get to lay beside her and say hi to customers when they come in! I love my life, and I love my human. She saved me from being around all my brothers and sisters all the time, and I can tell she loves me very much because she gives me lots of kisses and likes to hold me.

Keep a look out! My human mom might write more about me and my adventures in the future!

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Life of Bo
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