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The Best Cat Ever

More than likely, I am not the only one that thinks that their cat is the best cat ever. I say my beautiful Kitty is the best cat ever because she was not like any cat that I had come in contact with before. She was scared of me and my siblings when she first came into the family, but after a while, she would sit near us when we would be in the living room. She acted like she was a dog. She became a total lap cat for my brother. She would always follow him around the house and she would lay on his lap when he was home on leave. 

The reason I want to talk about her is because she made a huge impact in my life and the lives of my parents and siblings. She would stop us from doing homework and would nudge our faces if we were lying on the floor. She would cuddle with us when we were feeling down. She was like a therapist in animal form. She would offer kisses and would nudge our hands if she felt we needed some love. 

Though there are many people that love dogs more than cats, there are also many people who love cats. Cats and dogs can offer up more than anyone can ever know. If you think "They are just pets. What can they do?", then I say that you should rethink your thoughts. Pets are not just animals that live in your house, they are many things. They can be friends to you; they can be your therapist; they can be there to listen to your problems when you think no one else is there for you. 

The picture above is a picture of my beloved Kitty. Yes, her name is Kitty. She used to belong to a woman who attended the church that my father had pastored at the time. The woman passed away and the daughter could not take her since her husband was allergic to cats. We had thought about changing her name, but nothing seemed to fit her. She remained a dear friend until we had to put her down in August 2016 because she was extremely sick. 

She gave my family so many memories. She helped me through many problems and provided the whole family with many opportunities to smile or laugh. A beautiful cat like Kitty, who had been through a lot, would be the best cat ever. If she was human, she would be a great friend to anyone. She would be the one who offered comfort to those who needed it, and she would bring joy to those around her. Though she still acted like a cat, she was still an amazing friend to all.

If you have never owned a cat, I would suggest that you get one, or at least interact with one. In my opinion, they are great judges of character. They can gather enough information about a person to know whether they could be trusted. Cats are just as awesome as dogs, and they can be great companions for those who find it difficult to interact with people around them in the social world. They would be a great animal for emotional support. I know that Kitty was never really trained to be an emotional support animal, she would have totally been a great one though. 

I end with one more thing. Even though this is mainly about cats, dogs are just as awesome. Dogs could also be great listeners and comforters. Dogs and cats, though put people against one another, are amazing creatures that can be great companions for everyone.

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